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7 reviews · 12 years ago

Coffee worth travelling for indeed! I work in the docklands of Melbourne and still 5 blocks isn't too far to sample the delight that is the coffee from Brother Baba Budan. I'm still reveling in the pleasant Columbian aftertaste that was their bean of the day, made with absolute creamy rich perfection. If you're a Melbournian who enjoys a good coffee, and by good i mean a cup of excellence, and you haven't been to Brother Baba Budan yet, then why the hell haven't you?

167 reviews · 397 followers · 12 years ago

How somebody got the profile pic for this cafe amazes me! I could barely squeeze in the door today! By no means is this a bad thing though. It seems the fame of Baba has spread, as this morning at around 11am they were turning over serious business. This is without an obvious shop frontage, and no signs! In fact, finding this place was only achieved with the knowledge of the street number. We decided to take-away as there were already six or so people waiting for coffees. The three allocated baristas though, running a synesso machine got the job done. A few minutes later, two extraordinarily creamy and smooth strong lattes arrived. They weren't as strong as some, but so tasty I can't complain! Not a hint of bitterness. Sweet undertones to the blend meant my friend who normally takes sugar didn't even realise he'd forgotten. The service was good -- they were clearly under pressure, but found extra people from the back of the cafe to come help. The atmosphere? Well, in a word: busy! Had it not been to busy, it would have been a nice place to sit and read a paper. I'll have to come back to see it quieter.

6 reviews · 12 years ago

Being in Melbourne for only a week it seemed like a serious challenge to find decent coffee spots - after walking endlessly and ending up in one of the millions of alleyways in Melbourne we stumbled upon Brother Baba Budan. One of the smallest coffee shops that I'd ever seen and I could tell that it was good given the wait and the numerous people all cosy inside. Firstly we decided on getting a takeaway coffee because there was nowhere to sit - but lucky a spot opened up and we got 2 lattes and Wow! The coffee was so smooth, not the slightest hint of bitterness despite the intense flavour and aroma of the coffee. The milk tasted like sweet velvet on my tastebuds. Definately one of the best coffees I'd ever had in my life. The baristas looked like they were in a world of their own focusing entirely on the task at hand. We went back the next day because we just couldn't get enough!

24 reviews · 1 follower · 12 years ago

Absolutely fantastic coffee, again and again... The staff can sometimes seem like they have better things to do than take your order, but they get there eventually. A cosy and warm place to spend a Melbourne winter.

1 review · 12 years ago

The best coffee in Melbourne, so good it’s a Lonely Planet tourist attraction. If you have a passion for coffee, this is the place for you. BBB is a truly exhilarating experience of specialty coffee. With a Varity of blends that change daily, you are guaranteed a wonderfully new experience every time. With a cult following already, BBB is truly a unique Melbourne CBD experience for quality coffee lovers. Small but cozy, I work three kilometers away and make the trip every morning in the opposite direction it’s that good. Do yourself a favour and at least try it once, because I guarantee you, nothing will ever taste better.

13 reviews · 12 years ago

Coffee rules supreme at Brother Baba Badan, another of Melbounes coffee spots not to be missed. A small cafe with good atmosphere and Baristas who know there stuff. Be prepared to wait a little time though, as word is spreading just how good the coffeee is, trust me, the wait will be worthwile.

194 reviews · 251 followers · 12 years ago

Brother Budan is awesome! What an institution this place is in the world of fine coffee. I rocked up and the place was buzzing with caffeine loving customers sitting cosily around a nice wooden communal table and on bar stools around the parameters of this small cafe. It has a really rustic feel to it with fatigued walls & old chairs strung up in droves around the roof. As much as I like the feel of the place I wasn’t here for its interior design but for the fine coffee I heard they made & boy did it live up to its reputation as being one of the best coffees in Melbourne. I have never seen coffee made with such speed and such precision; they really are masters of the bean. I ordered a Piccolo or as the barista called it 'a mans latte' which sounded cool as I always thought they were small, sweet and maybe a touch feminine, anywho it tasted fantastic with all the full bodied flavours of freshly and well extracted coffee and a tiny weeny little rosetta on my shot glass which is a hard feat in itself. If you are in Melbourne you MUST check this place out!

26 reviews · 6 followers · 12 years ago

I spent most of 2008 at BBB. Why go anywhere else when you know the coffee is going to be bang on? Can be a little squished - due to the fact that it is a small space and is so popular - but I'm willing to stand and drink my coffee there. There doesn't seem to be any rush behind the machine - the baristas take their time to produce a quality cup, everytime. Have a shot, try the clover and take some quality roasted beans home to try it yourself. Mark, Bridget & the crew are really taking the specialty coffee industry in Melbourne to new standards. Mark is a wizard - both in the way he looks and the things he can do with a coffee bean. Magic.

1 review · 12 years ago

The coffee was very enjoyable - very smooth in texture, good temperature and nice beans. Was a very enjoyable coffee. Only slight criticism would be the lack of sitting room - but the set up does add to the atmosphere.

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