Top Cafes of 2016 - Los Angeles

We’ve run the numbers! Here are the best cafes of 2016 in Los Angeles, voted by real coffee lovers.

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Best cafe The Aussie Bean in los-angeles for 2016

Australian Style Coffee including the fairdinkum Flat White, Short Black and Long Black all in traditional Aussie serving sizes.

Wonderful. Will certainly be making the diversion next time I'm heading in the general direction

Very nice fruity Ethiopian espresso. Cold brew also well extracted. Definitely one of the best in LA.



Long Beach

Best cafe Recreational in los-angeles for 2016


The Refinery

Santa Monica

Best cafe The Refinery in los-angeles for 2016

Excellent coffee - up to Aussie standard. barista been there 3 years- from Ukraine, friendly and knowledgeable. Little selection of food.

Light roast, quite complex flavour, modest amount of bitterness. Very enjoyable

Excellent long Black. Also incredibly nice guy explained all about his shop. Would highly recommend in LA

Best cafe Menotti's in los-angeles for 2016

Great coffee made with great attention to detail. I must say though, that some barista's take their attention to detail a little too far. I watched them remake my coffee 3 times one day until they were happy.

Could be a great Australian coffee shop and baristas . Strong, milk stretched and smooth, great flavour. Very cool cafe in great location.

Best cafe Intelligentsia Coffee (Venice, CA) in los-angeles for 2016

Such potential but let down by a few things. Guys behind counter were just doing their job. Not friendly. Literally every seat inside was taken by someone just working on a laptop. Coffee was bitter and milk was thin, not creamy. Surprised because people say this is a good place. Maybe they are just having an off day.

Good, mass produced option if you can’t find a local place. Not much by way of food. Consistently good.