Top Cafes of 2016 - Los Angeles

We’ve run the numbers! Here are the best cafes of 2016 in Los Angeles, voted by real coffee lovers.

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Best cafe The Aussie Bean in los-angeles for 2016

Australian Style Coffee including the fairdinkum Flat White, Short Black and Long Black all in traditional Aussie serving sizes.

Very nice fruity Ethiopian espresso. Cold brew also well extracted. Definitely one of the best in LA.

Enjoyed my coffee here, it reminded me of coffee back home in Aus. The vegemite on the avocado toast was a nice surprise!!

If you’re an Aussie you’re gunna love this place, it’s a little piece of Melbourne smack bang in the middle of Orange County. Firstly, there is no WiFi and I’m sure some of the locals must hate that but the tables were packed with punters gulping down what I can only describe as the best coffee I’ve ever had outside of Australia. And I was disappointed to be told that these guys don’t have a location in Australia, in fact, they never had anything to do with coffee before opening this place in 2014. Ok, firstly I had their Macchiato and it took me straight back to St Ali in South Melbourne. It was legit!! A perfectly balanced espresso with a perfect stain of steamed foam. Second, their Flat White was the best Flat White I’ve ever had, the lovely lady who made it steamed that milk to perfection and extracted that ristretto to bring out super a mix of chocolate and sweet caramel and burnt sugar. The atmosphere is enticing enough to make you want to stay for hours, people watching was very cool, it was nice to see Americans enjoying real coffee. From the cafe you can see their two coffee roasters, they were roasting and the smell from outside made my mouth water. Aussies, if you’re anywhere near Disneyland in Anaheim this place is only an 8 minute drive, I drove from the convention centre after having their coffee at a pie shop in Costa Mesa. You won’t regret it!!



Long Beach

Best cafe Recreational in los-angeles for 2016

Certainly does the job, but not worthy of all the other comments. At best, it’s a standard coffee shop with pretty good coffee. They do not differentiate between a flat white, cappuccino, Gibraltar and cortado which to me is not a good sign.


The Refinery

Santa Monica

Best cafe The Refinery in los-angeles for 2016

Light roast, quite complex flavour, modest amount of bitterness. Very enjoyable

Excellent long Black. Also incredibly nice guy explained all about his shop. Would highly recommend in LA

Late Review: I traveled to LA for a conference a while back and was very nervous about finding good coffee. I was instead thrilled to find coffee that came up to the standard of what I find back home in Melbourne Australia. The coffee was exceptional. Quality beans, passionate knowledgeable staff. An absolute win on all counts. I really hope that this quality coffee trend spreads through LA.

Best cafe Menotti's in los-angeles for 2016

Great coffee made with great attention to detail. I must say though, that some barista's take their attention to detail a little too far. I watched them remake my coffee 3 times one day until they were happy.

Could be a great Australian coffee shop and baristas . Strong, milk stretched and smooth, great flavour. Very cool cafe in great location.

Best cafe Intelligentsia Coffee (Venice, CA) in los-angeles for 2016

Good, mass produced option if you can’t find a local place. Not much by way of food. Consistently good.

Pretty good for an American coffee (i.e. way better than Starbucks), but you can't select the size for a latte, so it comes in a 12oz cup as standard. A good option if you are in the area.

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