Intelligentsia Coffee (Venice, CA)

Open until 8pm

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Reviews of Intelligentsia Coffee (Venice, CA)

12 reviews · 6 years ago

Tried this place out after reading the reviews on here - the cappuccino was fantastic and the coffee shop seemed to have a great vibe - hope to find a few more like this on my US trip

11 reviews · 1 follower · 6 years ago

Just had my first coffee in the US this trip... was quite good in fact I could even stretch that to great. I just need to remember to order a cappuccino which is in a standard size cup because they serve their latte's in a bucket! Next time I'm here I'm going to ask for it in a glass the way it's meant to be served.

83 reviews · 6 years ago

A very popular Aussie-esq. café with a cool vibe in a terrific location in Venice, CA. Long lines and many returning regulars built up expectations highly. Sadly the end result once the espresso was acquired was..... Average. Typical poor treatment of the extraction and with the latte, the usual poor or lack of interest in the milk so often found in the USA. I put thus down to a poor quality barista. Such a disappointment after the strong reviews and high expectations.

6 reviews · 7 years ago

A great coffee experience. Fabulous space (lots of people working on laptops up the back, couples chilling out front), staff working on great equipment, and a smooth, rich latte.

4 reviews · 1 follower · 7 years ago

Hands down best coffee in LA are. Unique experience - wait in line for the next available barista and have them prepare your drink in front of you (conveniently near the tip jar). Both filter and espresso options available. Aussies may be a bit confused by the naming conventions... macchiato = piccolo, cappucino = 8oz flat white, latte = 10 or 12 oz fw... just tell the barista how you want it really.

34 reviews · 2 followers · 7 years ago

great coffee, great bar concept (wait for your personal barista to service you). They roast some of the best coffee i've tasted. As far as uniqueness they offer some of the best beans available. Very friendly staff. Coffee mecca!

12 reviews · 7 years ago

This has been a customary stop when in Santa Monica for a couple of years now.. Consistent coffee with a great atmosphere. It's a great experience and a quality coffee product

8 reviews · 7 years ago

A two week old review but had to report that yes,went to Intelligensia.Eye to detail is amazing,the baristas were not as friendly as ours in most cafes in Melbourne but great coffee ,nice atmosphere and definitely worth a visit ,Just to say you have experienced it. Had a couple of nice lattees the f first one was better than the second but still both great coffees ,just a good place to hang for the views of what is happening around you and certainly if you want to see interesting people ,they are all here!

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