Top Cafes of 2016 - London

We’ve run the numbers! Here are the best cafes of 2016 in London, voted by real coffee lovers.

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Best cafe Timberyard (Covent Garden) in london for 2016

This is one of my local stops in the morning. I do find it very difficult to get a place to sit as the cafe's popularity grows. The coffee is good and they often have a special latte each season which keeps things interesting. The cakes are also good and can be suited to dietary requirements.

Choice of two blends for the espresso. Solid range of cakes (though a lot are pretty similar). This is definitely a serious coffee shop, but in that league it's not outstanding.

Best cafe Tapped and Packed (Soho) in london for 2016

Exceptional latte! Made this Melbournian very happy. Great selection of food too.

Now called TAP Coffee, the coffee is perfect. The flat white is slightly stronger than the latte. Both had a hint of fresh acidity and a beautiful nutty note. The only food available is a selection of locally made cakes and sandwiches, but the quality is outstanding. The atmosphere is easy and the wifi is good.

detailed designed location. top and fast service. espresso was fruity with a full body. food looked great too

Best cafe Monmouth Coffee Company (Covent Garden) in london for 2016

One of the best Iv had in London. Melbourne coffee snobs will not be diss appointed

I used to rely on Monmouth for an upfront blast of 1990s style specialty roasting and blending. Fat fluffy mouthfeel and a blast of citrus. Today's double espresso was just unpleasant. Very hard to put a finger on why. Not burned, not bitter, just not very coffee-ish.

Best cafe Curators Coffee Gallery in london for 2016

Great coffee!! Had a flat white and a piccolo. One of the best we’ve had in London.

A scandi-industrial style cafe. Good vibe. My Flat white was well balance. Good intensity and sweet milk. Good choice of food options. Great place for brunch/lunch stop if shopping.

A place to drink coffee. I tend to get take away as I don’t have time to stand and stare because of my fast paced lifestyle, however the few moments I can spare to actually ‘be’ I tend to find myself enjoying the Amsterdam-industrial aesthetic, which while more toned towards mothers than Steve McQueen enthusiasts (the director not the actor) still ticks all the boxes I want from curated coffee. Somehow these places make me melancholic for the blasted west coast of Scotland and for a simpler life. I enjoy that though and have rated the atmosphere at ‘10’ for this reason. The curated experience is so constructed and sharp that it puts what is to be human Into stark contrast with itself and it also serves a fine cup of coffee.

Best cafe Flat White in london for 2016

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