Top Cafes of 2016 - London

We’ve run the numbers! Here are the best cafes of 2016 in London, voted by real coffee lovers.

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Best cafe Timberyard (Covent Garden) in london for 2016

A space to sip and tap! Variety of sweet treats lure you in at the door. Interesting bold taste to coffee. Service was lovely and wifi a bonus.

As I walked in there was a really enticing atmosphere, lots of different styles of seats and tables which is great to see, also I liked seeing people encouraged to sit next to others for example a table for 6 would have 3 or 4 people sitting alone, I think this is great to encourage conversation which is what a coffee shop should do. We sat at some armchairs which was very nice and I went to order 2 flat whites and 2 different cakes. Great staff, nice layout, little cramped but that’s just a popular London Coffee shop for u. Also they have loyalty cards which I think you need to buy 6 drinks to get 1 free which is pretty good compared to others I have had (required 10 or more drinks bought for a free one) The coffee came on the nice board with both coffees and cakes. I think it’s these little touches that are completely unnecessary as I am really not fussy about that sort of stuff but it made the experience much nicer as we felt the care for the products was there. I was actually very impressed they brought it to us! The coffee was lovely, I’m writing this review a few days after so to be honest I can’t remember the specifics about what notes where in there but it definitely had a lot of dynamics with some woody flavours accompanied by a hint of fruit. The milk was silky and creamy, just the way it should be. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and sat to read the caffeine magazines they had available. Also a wide variety of cakes which where delicious. In conclusion I will definitely be coming here again and I love the location as it is closer to Leicester Square station that CG so you really can avoid the horrible crowds pouring into Nike, sunglasses hut and the Covent Garden market. Also it is right next to a restaurant I live called rossopomodoro, great Italian with excellent (and cheap food) #plug 😂😂

Nice iced latte for a hot summer’s day. Drinking outside is 👌🏼

Best cafe Tapped and Packed (Soho) in london for 2016

No longer Tappedandpacked....has changed hands and no longer uses the lovely roaster sitting idly in the back of the funky hipster surrounds. But still very good coffee

Very good coffee and not outrageously expensive! Seating is very narrow but is a lovely spot!

Best cafe Monmouth Coffee Company (Covent Garden) in london for 2016

Such a smooth drop. Cute little pocket with a reasonable amount of seating. We had takeaways and they were great!! Still getting used to the tide being out compared to how coffee is served in Australia!! We order a latte double shot here!!!

Best cafe Curators Coffee Gallery in london for 2016

A place to drink coffee. I tend to get take away as I don’t have time to stand and stare because of my fast paced lifestyle, however the few moments I can spare to actually ‘be’ I tend to find myself enjoying the Amsterdam-industrial aesthetic, which while more toned towards mothers than Steve McQueen enthusiasts (the director not the actor) still ticks all the boxes I want from curated coffee. Somehow these places make me melancholic for the blasted west coast of Scotland and for a simpler life. I enjoy that though and have rated the atmosphere at ‘10’ for this reason. The curated experience is so constructed and sharp that it puts what is to be human Into stark contrast with itself and it also serves a fine cup of coffee.

Awesome space. Lots of different beans available for retail. Baked goods and coffee were very good. Happy with my filter.

So far best coffee I’ve had in London on this trip. Options for espresso include house Colombia Cauca, Brazil Sao Silvestre, filters include Honduras, Costa Rica, and Panama. Very clean and rich espresso with no bite whatsoever, incredibly smooth. The Panama is light with a soft honey and bright floral notes... fantastically relaxing cup of coffee, I know, that’s an odd way to describe coffee... super friendly staff and a really interesting cast of characters in the cafe... I’ll definitely be coming back

Best cafe Flat White in london for 2016

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