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48 reviews · 5 years ago

now Melbourne people, this is a great coffee. second best in this part of the world (see Village Fix Shellharbour) . Still very very good.

6 reviews · 5 years ago

Excellent coffee (Campos). Very pleasant and natural service. I'm a local and have a couple of favourites in town but none is as consistently good as Bean Roasted

9 reviews · 5 years ago

"Difficult" order of two double piccolos again meant we didn't get what we asked for. Sent it back. Got it right the second time. Single origin ok but wouldn't go out of our way for it. Disappointing but better than our experience at their Shellharbour store.

Bean Roasted Kiama's Avatar'

Bean Roasted Kiama

5 years ago

Really sorry you were not happy Heidi. I have taken the staff aside to discuss this issue. Staff working did not hear your special request for a ceramic cup when you first placed the order. The staff happily obliged and re made the coffee without charge. Strict recipes are followed for our single origin coffees where extraction time is no more than 2 seconds above or below what the recipe shows. The yield is also within a gram of what the recipe shows. We recommend it enjoyed without milk because the subtlety of the flavours as per the tasting notes can be truly appreciated. One of our baristas also took the time to personally ask you if everything was ok with the second round of coffees and you said it was. Perhaps it would have been better if you had said something to the staff rather than writing a bad review which can be damaging to a small business. We pride ourselves in the care we take with our coffee and we are always happy to make special orders. I would suggest in future that if you require a double shot piccolo in a cup then ask for the coffee to be half or 3/4 full. I would also suggest that by communicating with staff more clearly your experience may be more satisfying. Ours definitely would be. Cheers

2 reviews · 5 years ago

I love that I have somewhere I can get great Campos coffee in Kiama central. I like the car park view, it's nice knowing I'll never have to do laps trying to find somewhere to park. Love being able to call ahead when I'm rushing to work. So grateful they genuinely don't mind kids being in the store. Matt, Sam, Christian & Caitlyn have watched my children grow. They ask how my son did at school for the day (bus stop across rd) & they really want to know. It's nice being greeted by name and served by people who actually do mean it when they ask "how has your day been?". I'm sure the staff have lost track of how many community members they know by name & by their coffee order or their dog he he water bowl always available. I recently discovered they often deliver to local small businesses so Noone faces an arvo deprived of caffeine. They do a good tea also, many flavours and super hot with lots of milk for my Pop. Appropriate seating for most ages, space for prams and walking frames/ wheelchairs. Only thing I'd add to the wishlist not criticism - is that a simple baby highchair being avail would be an awesome help for mummy's and daddy's trying to sneak in a quick coffee while baby makes a big mess of some puree. Oh and a free baby cin per coffee order - seriously why do some ppl charge for froth? #supportlocal

3 reviews · 5 years ago

Great coffee fantastic staff our daily brew house ☕️☕️☕️🌟🌟🌟

Bean Roasted Kiama's Avatar'

Bean Roasted Kiama

5 years ago

Thanks so much for the great feedback Debbie!

34 reviews · 5 years ago

Okay, sneak in at closing and have a chat, reckon after a long day your barista will be off their game? Nah, no chance. When you know your product, you deliver and so these guys do. This is touted as the quieter of their stores but that doesn't mean less service either. A quiet treat, good coffee and great service. And who knew they would be testing coffee around the world to make sure they met high standards? Nice work guys and enjoy the coffee every time I pop through Kiama.

137 reviews · 4 followers · 6 years ago

Im a campos fan, esp it's consistent strength. Cute cafe, not in centre of town. Comfy place to read the paper but zero scenery given its opposite a shopping centre car park. Might just get a take away next time. Great cup though!

Bean Roasted Kiama's Avatar'

Bean Roasted Kiama

6 years ago

Hi My_Cuba! Thanks for your review! We're glad you enjoyed your coffee and hope to see you again soon :)

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