Bean Roasted Kiama

Open until 4pm

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Reviews of Bean Roasted Kiama

1 review · 4 years ago

Just waited 27 minutes for one coffee that tasted rubbish. 3 girls standing at the coffee machine chattering away whilst many standing around looking on in frustration. Very disorganised.

2 reviews · 4 years ago

Walked into Bean Roasted Kiama for the first time in a month and the lads remember my order. Only got to read a couple of headlines before they had my coffee ready to go. Coffee at this Bean Roasted is reliably awesome. Champions.

1 review · 5 years ago

I'm a Bonsoy fan and love the way the Barista's here blend the Campos coffee to produce a smooth, creamy flat white. I go here a few times a week and with the use of good quality soy the boy's always get it right 😉

1 review · 5 years ago

I'm a soy drinker and was disappointed by how they blend their Campos roasts with Soy milk. Campos is generally known for its high percentage crema, which generally blends nicely with soy milk to make a nice, smooth, creamy flat white. I've gone here a few times and they can't seem to get it right. I won't mention brand names, but I did notice they use a poor quality soy milk.

11 reviews · 5 years ago

Delicious long black. A Lot of fruity flavours and the barista was very knowledgeable when I asked what single origins were on offer. Unfortunately they didn't have the special cup of excellence unlike the other Campos cafe in town. A Nice laid back atmosphere with plenty of seating. Staff were very friendly and the male seemed genuinely passionate. My only complaint was the high prices. The other Campos cafe several hundred metres down the street charge $1 less for the same coffee and the same size, which is a big turn off.

7 reviews · 5 years ago

We visit Woloongong every March and only ever go to Bean Roasted. The Baristas there are well trained and the Coffee they use is exceptional. Campos Coffee. I've never had a bad Coffee there yet! However, if you like weak slop, then don't bother!

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