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"Difficult" order of two double piccolos again meant we didn't get what we asked for. Sent it back. Got it right the second time. Single origin ok but wouldn't go out of our way for it. Disappointing but better than our experience at their Shellharbour store.

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Bean Roasted Kiama

5 years ago

Really sorry you were not happy Heidi. I have taken the staff aside to discuss this issue. Staff working did not hear your special request for a ceramic cup when you first placed the order. The staff happily obliged and re made the coffee without charge. Strict recipes are followed for our single origin coffees where extraction time is no more than 2 seconds above or below what the recipe shows. The yield is also within a gram of what the recipe shows. We recommend it enjoyed without milk because the subtlety of the flavours as per the tasting notes can be truly appreciated. One of our baristas also took the time to personally ask you if everything was ok with the second round of coffees and you said it was. Perhaps it would have been better if you had said something to the staff rather than writing a bad review which can be damaging to a small business. We pride ourselves in the care we take with our coffee and we are always happy to make special orders. I would suggest in future that if you require a double shot piccolo in a cup then ask for the coffee to be half or 3/4 full. I would also suggest that by communicating with staff more clearly your experience may be more satisfying. Ours definitely would be. Cheers

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