Mansons Lot

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12 reviews · 9 months ago

Coffee a bit weak, but above average HK standards. It's a small cafe that gets packed very easy. Food was nothing special. Benedict eggs needs a lot of improvement.

2 reviews · 9 months ago

Great find - thanks Beanhunter! Will be coming back for food as I've been looking for a 'proper Aussie' cafe for ages. Coffee actually tasted of coffee and had a kick. Hard to find in HK

6 reviews · a year ago

Most importantly, coffee tasted great! 9/10. Ever so slightly marked down because milk was just slightly over-done (though still acceptable), froth was also just slightly thin on top however they still managed some nice art. Given that one can critique to this level, this place is clearly up there with the better coffees in HK.

34 reviews · 2 years ago

From Australia and best coffee we have had possibly even in Aus, easily the best coffee we had in Hong Kong. Situated in a little lane with only a few tables but very quiet and relaxing. Great breakfast also available.

6 reviews · 2 years ago

First let me say that the pour over coffee we had was excellent and at almost $AU15 a glass, one would hope so. There was a distinct lack of information provided about the coffee when asked and the overall ambience of the venue was wanting. My wife also had some a bacon and egg roll which she tells me was delicious.