Villino Espresso

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Reviews of Villino Espresso

3 reviews · 8 years ago

spent two days in Hobart and went to the top 4 cafes at the cbd, this one def served the best espresso; thick, gloopy shot that lingers.

27 reviews · 1 follower · 9 years ago

I live in nsw but buy my beans from Villino so I guess I am a little biased. However I was delighted with my ristretto, lovely smooth sweet flavour. The baristas take care with each coffee, almost art like! Great cafe experience.

4 reviews · 9 years ago

First day a take-away latte, really enjoyed it. The extraction was great, the milk well textured. I headed back to the place for some breakfast and coffee: The food choice is very limited, but that is ok, it is about the coffe after all. Had another latte and I was slightly disappointed in the texture of the milk, the extraction was again good. Tried to get the staffs attention for about 15 minutes to taste a short black and had to give up. The staff wasn't busy, but they just didn't look after the tables at all. It seemed that all they cared about was to please the take-away customers. So I would suggest that if you are after take-away, some good extraction, and you have time, I suggest the place.

1 review · 9 years ago

Visited several times over a couple of weeks. Excellent coffee by people who obviously care in nice cosy surrounds. Little food, service slow and they need to separate people trying to pay from those trying to order..... but its about the coffee and that is way better than average. Ratings here too low (and I'm from Melbourne)

101 reviews · 3 followers · 9 years ago

"Like all Wines, all Coffee's are not the same!" At Villino you will taste and enjoy coffee, from a Speciality Coffee Roaster. Richard, owner of Villino Espresso, is a passionate technological Artisan and very aware that, roasting, blending, sourcing selected coffee beans, applying experience, with the latest computer, operated roasters, is the only way, to produce a blend that people will queue, if necessary for their palates enjoyment. Very similar to wine production. The beans are sourced, selected from all over the world. Mexico, Indonesia, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Brazil, PNG, India, etc. Their Signature blend is (Synergy). A Bold-Caramel-Dark Fruity taste, personally I would queue for this. Also available, on the day, their single (Origin) El Salvador, Miravalle, Bourbon and Pacas. Or a (Pour Over) Light roasted, Ethiopia, Sidamo, Guji, Shakiso, natural processed. Hobart is fortunate to have such a supplier. The food and service, in the cafe was very good, if you consider how popular and busy they are amazing.

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