Top Cafes of 2016 - Hobart

We’ve run the numbers! Here are the best cafes of 2016 in Hobart, voted by real coffee lovers.

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Best cafe Shake a Leg Jr in hobart for 2016

Loved my almond cap. Milk done perfectly and coffee smooth and very tastey! Visiting from the mainland and love this gem. Wish it was here when I lived her. Would be perfect if they had some more food options

Excellent atmosphere for quick coffee. Funky and understated. Excellent staff, strong coffee with great body. Cinnamon croissant muffin also fantastic!

Best cafe Vilicia Coffee in hobart for 2016

they have the cutest barista there. he is tattooed from head to toe and has lots of piercings. was hard to concentrate on my order as he was so dreamy. he also had that cute amount of barista attitude that seems to be so in vogue these days.

Best cafe Yellow Bernard in hobart for 2016

Excellent coffee and service. Highly recommended.

Wonderfully presented and beautifully flavoured coffee. Extremely friendly and happy staff. The place to go in Hobart.

Small cafe with a cool vibe in the vein of Melbourne’s Brother Baba Baba Budan. My long black was excellent - nutty and earthy and perfect temperature. The staff were on the ball and service friendly and fast. I will definitely be back again!

Best cafe Atlas Espresso in hobart for 2016

Great coffee Easy city location opposite Franklin Square 7 minutes walk from The docks

Great coffee, friendly staff and atmosphere was chill despite peak hour coffee time.


Sash coffee

Sandy Bay

Best cafe Sash coffee in hobart for 2016

Proudmary Coffee,SmallBatch,Padre Coffee,Pablo&Rusty’s,Grace&Taylor,single O coffee, market lane coffee ,Linea PB 2x Ek43, Acaia scale, Ohaus scale,Pesado shower screen ,Peasdo basket,Puqpress, Prana Chai.

Coffee was spot on. The staff were lovely and the barrister had great energy. Cafe was minimal, but offered a nice (but small selection of treats) and a handful places to sit. 👍

Terrific coffee. Wonderful staff. Would be my regular if I lived here.

Best cafe Villino Espresso in hobart for 2016

local roaster that knows their stuff! great to see somewhere serving v60's across the bar, as they are hard to find in Hobart! Flattie was delicious as well!

Had the coffee flight. Three coffees. Double espresso, filter and flat white. All three were delicious. Espresso well balanced. Filter smooth creamy mouth feel. Flat white creamy milk texture. My favourite coffee shop in Hobart.

Best cafe Pilgrim Coffee in hobart for 2016

Great customer service and amazing coffee! Love that they have merch and I love love love their enamel pins!

Good coffee (asked for the extra shot). Dark and slightly bitter, but bitterness does not linger. Quirky fun food, cooked well. A good brekkie spot. Not too busy at that time.

Best cafe Parklane Espresso in hobart for 2016

Small cafe . Excellent coffee with limited but good food

Coffee Is strong and smooth, excellent atmosphere, the doughnuts are amazing!!

Today’s fw was weak and the milk was poorly textured. After a great coffee in the city earlier this was a disappointment which I didn’t finish. Hopefully barista was just having a moment.

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