Top Cafes of 2016 - Hobart

We’ve run the numbers! Here are the best cafes of 2016 in Hobart, voted by real coffee lovers.

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Best cafe Shake a Leg Jr in hobart for 2016

Excellent coffee, strong balanced flavour and perfect milk texture every time. Limited seating, but very friendly, down-to-earth service. Highly recommend!

Love the minimalist feel to the place. Excellent coffee.

Large cap... very smooth quality coffee. ..but... Cafe itself is a bit dark and dingy.. no newspaper worth reading..

Best cafe Vilicia Coffee in hobart for 2016

Proud Mary Honduran double espresso was a flavoursome cup that opened up in cooling to some blackcurrant’y action - nice.

Back again, this time the Proud Mary espresso was a natural Ethiopian, it had a more bitter edge with some mild orange - pretty good

Best cafe Yellow Bernard in hobart for 2016

Espresso on the Tiga Raja was good but not grand, had some nice acidity but a mixed overall flavour. Distinct hazelnut feel to the very good flatty traveller.

Overall a dark cocoa edge to the Tiga Raja espresso with a bit of lip coating acidity for good measure. Well treated milk for the FW finisher.

Ona Honduran double espresso was all sweetness and light, with a bit of attractive acidity to finish - real good. They know what they are doing with coffee here.


Sash coffee

Sandy Bay

Best cafe Sash coffee in hobart for 2016

Proudmary coffee,small batch coffee, padre coffee,kai coffee,single O coffee, market lane coffee ,Linea PB 2x Ek43, Acaia scale, Ohaus scale,Pesado shower screen , Peasdo basket,puqpress.

Very average coffee. Looking like instant coffee.

Appley acidity to the espresso on a natural Ethiopian - enjoyable flavoursome shot. FW was well made with nutty sweet flavour.

Best cafe Villino Espresso in hobart for 2016

Single origin Guatemala as flat white. Great crew and cafe. Coffee was well prepared with flavours coming through even with milk. The roast felt a bit dark for my liking, a medium or lighter roast would have been more my cup.

Best cafe Pilgrim Coffee in hobart for 2016

Piccolo cups but you can ask for larger. Husband had long macchiato which came in same cup as my soy latte.

Nicaraguan espresso had a burnt chocolate vibe but wandered too far towards bittertown. The FW to follow was very tasty - on Ona beans- had good temp and taste - excellent.

Nicaraguan espresso made me think of when you over-brown nuts, there’s that nice roast nut flavour but also that slightly charred nuttiness Flatty chaser was highlight of this visit.

Best cafe Parklane Espresso in hobart for 2016

Ordered a 6oz flat white takeaway. Delicious! Strong and smooth. Thanks x

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