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Reviews of Edge Geelong

194 reviews · 251 followers · 6 years ago

Some good & bad reviews of this place but I have to say the flat white I had here was pretty good! Full clean flavor cutting through the milk. Glossy latte art & a good temperature. Maybe I got lucky as this is my first visit or maybe they are on the improve? Either way I'd go back again. Worth a visit if on foreshore waterfront area.

14 reviews · 7 years ago

The coffee was mild but strong flavour after notes of strawberry and nuts. Food, well presented, inventive & tasty. Service attentive.

6 reviews · 7 years ago

Lousy. Coffee had dishwasher powder sediment in the bottom. When I asked 'what the hell is this?' they replied 'oh yeh that happens sometimes, you want another?' Ummm no thx, never ever.

8 reviews · 1 follower · 7 years ago

Disappointing - my coffee was cold (lukewarm) and hubbie's was too hot with burnt milk taste. Also took ages for coffees to come out, and atmosphere was very much pub-like. Will be looking for other options next time.

36 reviews · 2 followers · 7 years ago

got past the ever familiar (from my bar work days) smell of pub floor cleaner and general drinking-aftermath-detergent to see trendy bar staff and a lot of people soaking up what looked like a great breakfast. coffee- a bit expensive, but really nice! great actually!! grabbed a takeaway where the lid covered what was going to be (saw the guys wrist twitching like a champion while he poured the milk) great latte art! lovely location on a perfect Sunday morning!

3 reviews · 8 years ago

Delicious coffee every time. You wouldn't expect coffee like this from a bar, especially the flawless latte art on every coffee. Thanks again guys, terrific!

8 reviews · 8 years ago

Went there for breakfast while the Sails festival was on.Coffee was amazing.The barista was only a young guy but the coffee was great.We had an espresso and a couple of lattes and both were really good..We were not expecting this type of quality coffee in this touristy location and were impressed. We were told that their coffee was from Cartel which was probably why the flavour was flawless but have to say the presentation also matched.

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