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3 reviews · 3 years ago

Good quality coffee that goes with splendid food. The staff a extremely friendly and more than happy to help out. The place always just seems to be alive.

119 reviews · 6 followers · 5 years ago

Here we are again... brought the family here for lunch. Ended up doing coffee after a wonderful lunch selection. IMHO the coffee is better than up the street at Press. I had a well done DSFW... A simple well balanced flavour - very enjoyable. Staff here are great! And food options suit a young family. Well done guys. Would certainly recommend... :)

119 reviews · 6 followers · 5 years ago

Nice coffee. DSFW was well done, good strong flavour without being acidic. Very enjoyable! Lunch options also fantastic... The wraps and toasties real good flavours. AND... Those sweet potato chips are just fantastic! :) highly recommended.

23 reviews · 5 years ago

Kool place in Dubbo! Nice quiet vibe Use to be super awesome coffee, now just good. Still frequent here. Friendly staff

6 reviews · 7 years ago

Very disappointing! Terrible chicken to spinach ratio in the tandoori wrap (where was the chicken?) forgot the chips; the 'toastie' wasn't toasted and the Coffee was far too weak, over extracted and the milk was over done. How could they do this to bills beans!

18 reviews · 7 years ago

Not too bad. Agree with a previous review saying this place wouldn't rate in the 7s if located elsewhere. Ordered a long black which was scalding hot and full too the brim. Once it cooled coffee was OK. Food not bad. One of the better choices in town.

13 reviews · 3 followers · 7 years ago

Great coffee and food but don't be in a rush. Even a couple of customers seems to back up the barista. But the (long black) coffee was good - served way too hot though, hot chocs even better.

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