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5 reviews · 3 years ago

This cafe has so much potential. I've visited a number of times hoping each time the quality of the coffee will increase but it doesn't seem to. I tend to gauge a place by a flat white and on two occasions it has been delivered thin and lacking texture, overly bubbly (as another reviewer noted) and the coffee didn't shine through. The pourovers are ok. There is something lacking in the atmosphere I can't put my finger on but it's ok. Perhaps it's a bit grey and lacking in sparkle. The staff are always friendly and welcoming but I note different staff each time I visit so not a consistent group. I have heard they're expanding so things must be going well but I hope the fundamentals are being focused on, as it's not quite right yet.

2 reviews · 3 years ago

I went there twice, ordered a latte and then a flat white. I loved the atmosphere, it really was a pretty lovely place. The staff members were all very friendly, and as I was amazed by their coffee machine, they even let me join them at the other side of the counter, explaining me how the machine worked, and letting me try a ristretto. The latte and flat white were nice but very bubbly and lacking of foam, although the latte art was nice. Tried some cakes that were really yummy. I think I'll focus on filter coffees next time, as they seemed to have a very wide range. Overall a very nice coffee place with great staff and nice coffee where I'd be staying everyday if I was living in Cheltenham :)

74 reviews · 7 followers · 4 years ago

First coffee shop review in the UK, although we have been to a few. I am very impressed! We drove about an hour out of our way for this mornings coffee, I was setting myself up for disappointment but when I walked in and saw the information wall with the different coffees I was excited. The equipment they use and sell is all top shelf, offering pour overs, sypons, cold drip and aeropress. The staff where knowledgeable and friendly and the entire vibe was welcoming. The decor was fitting, Scandinavian yet still with english charm. The food was well priced and tasty, the big question however and why we are here is the coffee!! Simply devine. I ordered my normal order of a magic, the barrister had never heard of it as it is what we call it in Aus but understand when I explained it and she aced it. The coffee was an Ethiopian Joyeria, it had the chariciateristics of an Ethiopian with out the nuttiness of a Yirgacheffe. It was smooth but full flavoured. The only negative of this place is sadly I will not be able to return. I also find it a little depressing that there is a coffee chain over the road, that seem to be busier, why would people drink dirt when beautiful coffee is so close.

389 reviews · 664 followers · 4 years ago

The set up is wonderful and very promising (San Remo Opera and Mahlkonig grinders), the staff are super friendly and welcoming, the coffee, by Extract Coffee, adds to the expectation BUT..... unfortunately the result was very average and even below that. The coffee was over extracted, the milk was over-heated so much that I still have a burn on my tongue, in addition it was a bit bubbly. The place looks fantastic and has great potential but the experience over few cups of coffee was very disappointing.

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