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My buddy Carson used to work at the downtown one. In fact I think the whole reason he moved from Tacoma was to work at Olympia Coffee Roasters. But then he lost interest in coffee and got into carpentry (he's very young). He also lost interest in music and started going to bed early. Now he's super into fishing. It's sort of like the teen who has a closet with like a karate suit, a drum set, snow shoes, etc. Various phases. In any case, he's still really into fishing in a legit way. I'm not sure if the downtown one is still even going. I suppose it probably is. When I lived in Olympia a place called Bread & Roses was right there, doing dinners for the homeless. This was back when the old Safeway was across 4th, where the new city hall building is. The Safeway where Khaela got busted shoplifting fried chicken in her pocket, and she was supposedly vegetarian. We threw away some couches in that Safeway dumpster, dressed in black at night, creeping over from the Track House. As for the coffee, yeah they're great, but it took me a while to come around to Olympia Coffee Roasters because when they first started B&B was the thing, and Oly had a corny logo, but then tastes changed, both mine and in general. I don't remember how it all switched from always "double short americano" to "ooh which plantation are these beans from?" but it did. I stopped putting milk in my coffee and started sipping weaker more flavorful joe, usually from Olympia Coffee Roasters. I know they're more serious about it than I ever will be (hopefully). Possibly some connection with that Espresso Parts warehouse business? Serious dweebs, making the sacred brown. I am happy to benefit from the obsessive passion of dweebs like this. I don't go to Olympia that much any more but I still order beans from them through the mail occasionally, which seems crazy. If my child-self knew that at 36 I'd be ordering high-end coffee beans through the mail I would probably make fun of that ridiculous adult.

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