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What even is Bean? What does it mean "to sip the sacred brown"? How do we live with these mysteries, waking each day to walk among them, succumbing every evening to sleep without any satisfaction of answer. Bean is joe. American good morning. Hot area. Holding the hot area in your hand. Blinking one, two, three times after each sip and letting the mouthfeel putrefy even while the mind sharpens. And then over the edge beyond sharpness into an exaggeration of clarity, too much bloodflow. The sacred brown has limits and will bite back. The second most popular grocery store in Anacortes has an unpopular coffeeshop appendage, formerly a starbucks but demoted (if you can continue downstairs from there) to the generic sounding "Market Coffee", but retaining the font of S.B.s. I almost drank coffee there once as a prank on myself but pulled up at the last second. I have seen all types after-hours sipping their wifi through the window. Make your joe at home.

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