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Industrious Industries seems to be an art gallery and graphic design place. You walk in, there's a couple of beautiful chairs and a potted plant, a ragged crate containing books, and then behind a burnt half-wall there are 2 massive computer monitors. Warning: the computers conceal men. It's a small place and your presence will immediately be known, although you may not know about the men. Consider yourself warned. They will pop out and spook you. The thing is, it's a graphic design place. Why is there a full-on espresso machine behind the 2 men? What's up with that mini-fridge? When one of the men goes into a darkened back alcove and emerges with a ziploc baggie full of beans, what is going on? I'll tell you: they are 2 men who are passionate about coffee and want to drink the finest possible coffee while they design their graphics. They installed all this stuff just to have excellent coffee for themselves. But I am not a graphic designer. I'm just a guy who sometimes goes in there to say hello. How have I consumed all this fine joe there? I just say "yes" when asked "You want a coffee?" Then one of them makes me a basically perfect coffee drink and I sit there in the extremely nice chair, or sometimes I go behind the half-wall and sit on the metal stool and we chat about various topics. Sometimes our conversation doesn't even have anything to do with graphic design. But what about the beans? Is there a great coffee roaster in Anacortes? Not really. I recently discovered that one of the men has been purchasing "green" coffee from various hot places around the world and then roasting them in a garage somewhere in Anacortes, just to drink. It's possible that bags of coffee are available on an unofficial "beans for cash" barter system. It's not a coffee business, but it is most certainly the place to go to get the best coffee within ~50 miles. I guess you just go in, stand around awkwardly and wait to be offered a coffee. Secret code answer: "yes."

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