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1 review · 2 years ago

!!!HANDS DOWN THE WORST BREAKFAST and RUDEST CUSTOMER SERVICE IN BRISBANE!!! Wish I could give this ‘cafe’ a 0 star but 1 is the lowest google will allow. After a nice stroll around new farm park we decided to visit this place. I ordered ham and cheese croissant and ed ordered avo on toast with oj and coffee. After biting into my croissant I realised it was not buttered, not seasoned and had fake cheese and cheap ham out the packet on it. I asked for some salt and was told there is none. Does the chef have any I asked -no!?? So what it’s the chef seasoning food with I asked? Nothing I was told ‘he’s not a chef’. I asked for a refund and was told no as I have touched it!!!!!! Ederson Gomes Bueno’s toast was cold with stale bread, no butter or olive oil on the bread and very dry - again no salt or seasoning for avocado. Can we have refund- this was not touched. NO. We can redo with no salt - as we don’t have salt and it’s not stated on the menu. Refused a refund, refused any alternative and rudely told to stop being rude and please respect her as she has had a busy morning?!?!?! Walked out hungry with no refund and one bite of a croissant! Now I can see why this place had 5 people in it and is called the end of the road cafe!!!! I made a 5 min walk to the powerhouse bar/cafe and ordered a real breakfast for $5 more which was hot, fresh, seasoned and had professional service! Avoid this ‘cafe’ at all costs. The owner/manager that dealt with me was a rude human being!!

33 reviews · 3 years ago

Coffee was cute but stuffed up our order, times two. Ended up not getting what I wanted. Nice little place at the end of the road but had to clear our own table to find a seat as there were heaps of available tables but all had peoples left overs on them. Probably won’t return.

40 reviews · 1 follower · 4 years ago

Still terrible. Dirty. No Air conditioning. Hot. Run by amateurs. One pathetic fan inside not even switched on on a particularly hot day. At least its at customer level this time instead of up on the ceiling. Coffee watery and no body same as it was 4 years ago. They have since got umbrellas for some shade. Lucky for them the tree next to the café seems to have grown and provides some shade. Last time I went I got quite a good tan. Staff all sweaty right through their T shirts looking like slobs and no tables were wiped while I was there. Went back to see if it was still as pathetic business as I remember. The wooden seats outside are rotting and need a good repaint. So much could be done with this location. River and mud below still smells in the heat. Bitten by midges from the river the whole time I was there. If you go wear your best pest repellent spray. Only thing that saves them is the proximity to the Sydney St ferry. Dirty messy coffee preparation area, nothing wiped down, coffee grains sprayed all over the milk cartons stored next to the machine. Terribly dirty tea towels around the machine. Big stained cushions on the one large couch inside greets you as you walk in. How hard is it to or change cushions? Nothing better than a pool kiosk circa 1960s. No cooked food all pre prepared. Would never eat there. Using only long life Milk. Coffee machine dirty and dusty. Sign hanging down in the window like a forlorn deserted shop. Only good thing is there is free wi-fi supplied by the Park or some media set up and they have a few papers haphazardly thrown around. No pride in this place. Staff just don't seem to care. Too busy just talking to each other. No parking either as literally at the end of the road of the bus stop in a cul de sac. Public toilets placed right next to the building which is a plus.

71 reviews · 3 followers · 4 years ago

I normally reply on a filter to find good and well reviwed coffee near me. Today I had to drop the filters a tad to find coffee in a walkable distance of my work site. So sad. Plenty of casual tourist traffic, noisy lunch crowd. Slow service - not sure of the cause but several apologies overheard. Finally the coffee, strength about right but bitter as! Overall memory - a strong smell of burning cheese from toastie preparation - normally would make me hungry but too burnt! 🔥 Going to re-enable my filters and will walk further next time. My score should filter End of the Road OUT for me.

5 reviews · 5 years ago

Perfectly made and delicious piccolo, nicely extracted Long black and perfect atmosphere. This nice little place on the river in New Farm park is the perfect spot to meet up with friends for a casual coffee. Food was also wonderfully fresh and the menu and management have changed for the best in recent times.

5 reviews · 6 years ago

Wonderful location but needs good weather. River and park beautiful so on a nice day a top café. Coffee as good as any where I have been and croissants delicious. Always many people there so must be good!

40 reviews · 1 follower · 6 years ago

Terrible place don't go seriously sad visited one April 2014 great location except.. verandah too hot, no shade, my dining buddy nearly broke her teeth on the hardness of the cheesecake crust she tried to eat, she terribly disappointed as we decided to try a brand new place for her birthday. We 3 coffee heads were terribly uncomfortable. Inside started to swelter, large industrial size fan placed too high uselessly blowing insects around the ceiling - food is pre prepared, coffee awful. The owner asked for our feedback and then scuttled off to provide another free one which was burnt and no real coffee taste. The smell of the storm drain outlet into the river came wafting up did it. We were out of there there never to return. Nothing could entice me back. I would be surprised if this business survives. Great coffee does not need atmosphere. Can't have it all!

188 reviews · 198 followers · 7 years ago

Really enjoyed the coffee here - surprising given the reviews and slightly nonchalant service. Food was ordinary though. My sons banana bread was too heavy on the baking soda and the bacon in my bacon & egg bagel tasted as though it had been cooked a few days ago. Was pretty dry without any relish or sauce. Would go here for coffee and location.

2 reviews · 7 years ago

Visiting Brisbane and in particular the New Farm area I was quietly amazed at the number of good and trendy coffee establishments. Discovered this one by inadvertently by getting off City River Cat at wrong stop and falling into it. Adjacent to the Parklands it is unpretentious, friendly, picturesque to the max AND coffee is great. Enjoy.

28 reviews · 7 followers · 8 years ago

Amazing location. So much potential. Unfortunately End of the Road was a disappointing experience. The coffee was weak, and bitter. At $4 for a tiny cup I would expect an amazing coffee, given that $3.50 is the average Brisbane price for a much larger small coffee. Please End of the Road, don't fall into the trap of relying on your location. Pull your socks up, buy some decent beans and hire an actual barista. Brisbane needs a cafe like you!

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