Top Cafes of 2016 - Canberra - Queanbeyan

We’ve run the numbers! Here are the best cafes of 2016 in Canberra - Queanbeyan, voted by real coffee lovers.

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Best cafe Espresso Room Hyperdome in canberra for 2016

Best cafe Espresso Room (Canberra) in canberra for 2016

Always consistent delicious coffee, very reliable!👌🏼 if you want to be guaranteed a good coffee every time 100% drop in here💕👌🏼☕️

Great ONA’s Black Betty blend. We had flat white and cappuccino and was great blend for both. Nice strong with lovely smooth overtones. The cafe has plenty seating. The service was quick when we visited. The baristas worked smoothly and quickly through the orders so people waiting for take away weren’t waiting long. Great place for break from shopping.


The Cupping Room

Canberra City

Best cafe The Cupping Room in canberra for 2016

Second visit (last time was Black Betty :) Raspberry - slightly musty and woody flavour.. love the vibe here... 8am workday is very mellow. A place as such does not exist in Sydney.

Visiting Canberra & so glad I sought this place out. Excellent vibe which you’d hope for being situated in a uni precinct. Great coffee& staff very well informed to assist you with tasting their various blends. Raspberry blend great for a piccolos started. Honduras Filter a unique blend & nice to savior with the food. Heading out with a Black Betty to go.

El Salvador espresso had some of that smokey volcanic quality but ended with more bitterness than the start promised. Raspberry Candy was sweet and milky as promised.

Best cafe Barrio Collective in canberra for 2016

Green apple vibe to the Guatemalan espresso - solid. Take away flatty also good

Amazing! Long black was delicious and the vibe of this place is very cool. Friendly staff tops it off.

Double espresso was delicious, had a syrupy mouthfeel and fruity finish.


Coffee Lab

Canberra CBD

Best cafe Coffee Lab in canberra for 2016

This use to be a good coffee cafe, however on our visit the coffee was average. A pity as this was know to be a good place for a quality coffee

El Salvador espresso was a fairly balanced number more to the toasty caramel end of town rather fruity-ville. Filter on Ona washed Honduran had some apple goodness.

Ona El Salvador espresso had a bit of unripe strawberry gear going, a fairly chewy number. Batch to-go on the Ona Don Batchy blend was a nicely fruity number that was very drinkable

Best cafe Ona Coffee House in canberra for 2016

Order two large takeaway flat whites, one with soya milk and was charged $11.70. I have never paid that price for 2 large takeaways in Canberra. The coffee was ok but not that special. The menu suggest a mug of flat white in house is $4.50, so not quite sure why takeaway is more expensive, must be the throwaway cup.

Really enjoy my espresso’s here. Really like the upgrade of premises, parking never easy but IK

I came here hoping they would have coconut milk, and they did!!! I have probably one of the best coconut lattes I have ever had💕💕💕 Very worth while And the waitresses know what they are talking about regarding bean origins etc

Best cafe Penny University Coffee Roasters in canberra for 2016

Super good coffee. There’s usually a long wait though... They serve great vegan balls too

Good coffee, shame I did not try the single origin. Service and atmosphere are great.

Tried this place today, a first and last time, it appears busy and only table for four was near the very noisy end of the kitchen. Service was slow, had to wait for table service, some tables not cleared for a while, coffees basically OK, but arrived in two well separated batches. Car parked in one hour parking, almost did not get back in time. Will stick to more conventional coffee places next time in Kingston.

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