Top Cafes of 2016 - Canberra - Queanbeyan

We’ve run the numbers! Here are the best cafes of 2016 in Canberra - Queanbeyan, voted by real coffee lovers.

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Best cafe Espresso Room Hyperdome in canberra for 2016

Best cafe Espresso Room (Canberra) in canberra for 2016

If you’re from Melbourne or like more than a warm cup of milk this is not your place .. They won’t do a magic !

From the first sip ....heaven. Beanhunter reviews were spot on. When you drink long black there's nowhere to hide.

Always consistent delicious coffee, very reliable!👌🏼 if you want to be guaranteed a good coffee every time 100% drop in here💕👌🏼☕️


The Cupping Room

Canberra City

Best cafe The Cupping Room in canberra for 2016

Washed Columbian for the morning shot had a nice bit of that flavour I think of as volcanic - don't know what else to call that earthy igneous vibe. Black Betty flatty finisher did the biz. I do like this place and the sticker tells me it's another Tesspresso-friendly cafe.

Best cafe Barrio Collective in canberra for 2016

Espresso was ok, very much in the middle of flavour street - no great sweetness, acidity, bitterness etc - was a middle of the road shot. I still love their handleless espresso cups. FW traveller was enjoyably hearty.

Espresso on the blend was good with a bit of raspberry gear going on, became more bitter on the finish. Tasty FW followed.

Way tasty acidic volcanic tasting Honduran espresso - went down very nicely. Take away FW had a lovely roasty-toasty flavour - real good


Coffee Lab

Canberra CBD

Best cafe Coffee Lab in canberra for 2016

Very cool atmosphere and friendly service. Ordered a latte, it had a lot of complex flavors going on and was very good.

Ona Honduran espresso, nice bit of appley acidity up front with a more tart finish - good Raspberry Candy for FW was surprisingly sweet - real nice.

Beautiful coffee and food. Asked for a magic and they were spot on. A bit eager to clear the table for a lazy morning though.

Best cafe Gold Creek Roasted in canberra for 2016

Would not bother. Coffee is not totally bad. Just the atmosphere is weird and difficult to explain s simple order.

Best cafe Ona Coffee House in canberra for 2016

Order two large takeaway flat whites, one with soya milk and was charged $11.70. I have never paid that price for 2 large takeaways in Canberra. The coffee was ok but not that special. The menu suggest a mug of flat white in house is $4.50, so not quite sure why takeaway is more expensive, must be the throwaway cup.

Really enjoy my espresso’s here. Really like the upgrade of premises, parking never easy but IK

Best cafe Penny University Coffee Roasters in canberra for 2016

Coffee was nicely done, however was a little on the warm side. Great venue with an open kitchen and was really busy. Service was great and even happy to burn my wife’s milk (because that is how she likes it!).

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