Top Cafes of 2016 - Canberra - Queanbeyan

We’ve run the numbers! Here are the best cafes of 2016 in Canberra - Queanbeyan, voted by real coffee lovers.

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Best cafe Espresso Room (Canberra) in canberra for 2016

Great ONA’s Black Betty blend. We had flat white and cappuccino and was great blend for both. Nice strong with lovely smooth overtones. The cafe has plenty seating. The service was quick when we visited. The baristas worked smoothly and quickly through the orders so people waiting for take away weren’t waiting long. Great place for break from shopping.

Good coffee in a coffee desert. Been here a few times and always worth while.

The coffee here (black or milk-based) is consistently decent, likewise the service. And while I’m not one for overly existential pinings, the fact that a small minority of the staff have the personality and efficiency of a lone cinder block in an empty paddock, makes for a potentially mediocre experience. Any yes, the probobility of mediocrity is low, but the consequence is high (i.e. a lousy time). Anomolies matter.


The Cupping Room

Canberra City

Best cafe The Cupping Room in canberra for 2016

Espresso on washed Kenyan had some sweet blackcurrants going on. Pour over on an Ethiopian natural was surprisingly sweet and clean.

LB on washed Kenyan flexed its muscles and was spot on. So spot on in fact a traveller followed.

Could not fault. Kenyan espresso was spot on, washed Ethiopian pour over was amazing, natural El Salvador pour over was phenomenal, service was professional AF.

Best cafe Barrio Collective in canberra for 2016

Espresso on their blend was en pointe but not shouting out any specific flavour. The V60 initially made me think of roast pork and apples, continued with the savoury theme as it cooled. Slightly let down by the tartness on the aftertaste.

The coffee here is first class! It’s a little hole in the wall coffee house with a small but tasty menu. There’s only a big communal bench inside and some wall seats, along with a couple of footpath tables outside, but the cool kids of Braddon are always hanging here. One of my favourites in Canberra!


Coffee Lab

Canberra CBD

Best cafe Coffee Lab in canberra for 2016

Ona Honduran espresso started well but ended more bitter than ideal. Ona Batch was excellent

Best cafe Ona Coffee House in canberra for 2016

Danny and Will combining with the power force of Howard and Josh making a formidable shop sure to knock your socks off. Big love guys!

Best cafe Penny University Coffee Roasters in canberra for 2016

Super good coffee. There’s usually a long wait though... They serve great vegan balls too

Good coffee, shame I did not try the single origin. Service and atmosphere are great.

Tried this place today, a first and last time, it appears busy and only table for four was near the very noisy end of the kitchen. Service was slow, had to wait for table service, some tables not cleared for a while, coffees basically OK, but arrived in two well separated batches. Car parked in one hour parking, almost did not get back in time. Will stick to more conventional coffee places next time in Kingston.

Best cafe Farmers Daughter in canberra for 2016

Have tried the coffee twice in recent months and was disappointed. Not sure if they are still using Lonsdale Roasters but the coffees were warm at best and left no lasting taste memories. Food seems to have lost its edge too and we left feeling that it’s no longer worth the visit.

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