Top Cafes of 2016 - Canberra - Queanbeyan

We’ve run the numbers! Here are the best cafes of 2016 in Canberra - Queanbeyan, voted by real coffee lovers.

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Best cafe Espresso Room Hyperdome in canberra for 2016

Had an amazing single 0 here yesterday. Service is still amazing. The only place to go in tuggeranong!

great coffee. had a dopio. service maybe a little slow but overall reaaly good.

Staying in Tuggeranong, it was on the cards to visit the Espresso Room. Great coffee by Ona

Best cafe Espresso Room (Canberra) in canberra for 2016

I've had many coffees here and have never been let down (😒 sorry the pun). I thought I should finally review and rate it. It's excellent.

Came to do some shopping, and always nice to have Ona coffee done well in a shopping centre.

If you’re from Melbourne or like more than a warm cup of milk this is not your place .. They won’t do a magic !

Best cafe Espresso Room in canberra for 2016

Now Crown Expresso. Same beans etc but they don't know what they are doing. Double shot cappuccino was horrible :(


The Cupping Room

Canberra City

Best cafe The Cupping Room in canberra for 2016

Panama espresso, irrational as it sounds it really made me think of Turkish delight - real nice. Robustly flavoured flat white. I like it here.

Honduras Ona had a real blackcurrant feel, it was rather nice. Flatty chaser was pretty good. Service is usually very good, today one person was very average, the other very professional - we all have good and bad days.

Deliciously sweet espresso today and an excellent FW traveller. Despite being very busy, service was excellent.

Best cafe Barrio Collective in canberra for 2016

Very cool little cafe with a simple but stylish fit out and delicious coffee. Staff are always friendly. My top pick for the already heavily cafe laden area.

Great to finally visit this space. Had a nice Kenyan short black

Rwandan large volumed shot started a little bitter but became a clean carmelly number with a bit of acidity throw in (my best espresso in Canberra today) Enjoyed a FW finisher


Coffee Lab

Canberra CBD

Best cafe Coffee Lab in canberra for 2016

Fairly solid espresso with a bit of interesting acidity but not a lot else - good but not great. FW to-go had well treated milk and a bit of nuttiness.

Coffee was awesome. Had the ol faithful and it too was brilliant, service was great. Will definitely be back !

This place was packed out! Got a quick shot, which had a big body. My other half said his latte was smooth, and tasted like caramello koala. I'll take his word for it!

Best cafe Gold Creek Roasted in canberra for 2016

Flat white had good flavour and served at the right temperature

Best cafe Ona Coffee House in canberra for 2016

Goodness me! Last time I was here, the place wasn't this busy! This time round, there were people out the door waiting for takeaway, and every seat in the house was taken. Service was friendly, but there was an wait for coffee (obviously). Had the Honduras as an espresso, which was rather robust. The Raspberry Candy blend as a latte is definitely the way to go.

Ona is one of my favourite coffee houses, the coffee is fantastic. The service used to be one of the best experiences but things have changed they have nearly had a complete staff change over. Service has gone down hill, if it wasn't for the coffee quality I would be moving on to people who care about cutomer service.

Best cafe Penny University Coffee Roasters in canberra for 2016

Great food and nice atmosphere. Average coffee. It was drinkable but lacked flavour.

Great atmosphere and coffee, awesome all day menu too

Friendly service, nice and warm. Excellent coffee. I love this place for vegetarian and vegan lunch.

Best cafe Farmers Daughter in canberra for 2016