Top Cafes of 2016 - Canberra - Queanbeyan

We’ve run the numbers! Here are the best cafes of 2016 in Canberra - Queanbeyan, voted by real coffee lovers.

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Best cafe Espresso Room Hyperdome in canberra for 2016

Lovely atmosphere but drink quality was not at the level I've always heard anout

Best cafe Espresso Room (Canberra) in canberra for 2016

If you’re from Melbourne or like more than a warm cup of milk this is not your place .. They won’t do a magic !

From the first sip ....heaven. Beanhunter reviews were spot on. When you drink long black there's nowhere to hide.


The Cupping Room

Canberra City

Best cafe The Cupping Room in canberra for 2016

Gesha espresso had a rich array of flavours that made it a pleasure to drink. Well-made flat white followed.

Honduran shot had a lovely fruity acidity - delicious Flat white was sweet and nutty, very enjoyable

Super friendly staff. Great fresh food with a regularly changing menu. UNBEATABLE coffee. It is never a disappointment and is worth queuing for on public holidays. I've sampled all blends and have enjoyed every one. There are perhaps elements of 'too cool for school' pretension about the place and it can be a little noisy, but then, that's possibly just my middle-age talking. It's all served up with a healthy dose of hipster smiles so whatever, I'll be back!

Best cafe Barrio Collective in canberra for 2016

Had a wonderful Honduras espresso, and great chat with the guys. Excellent

Very tasty Honduran espresso had a lovely soft fruity quality. Liked the cup, very wabi sabi. V60 on Ethiopian Duromina was rather tasty


Coffee Lab

Canberra CBD

Best cafe Coffee Lab in canberra for 2016

Fantastic coffee. Tried the house blend and other feature blend over two days DSFW and both were full of flavour and delicious. They all have a single origin. Atmosphere is great and well positioned attracting the nice canberra sunshine on a frosty morning.

Went this morning just for tea and coffee! Couldn't believe the bill $11 for 1 Coffee and 1 Tea! The tea cost $6 must be the most expensive tea in Canberra! I don't mind the surcharge but this cost should be built into your food cost already Thanks but no thanks Sheryl Miller

Fantastic! Great service, Food and Coffee. Everyone was so accommodating to me being a (slightly) difficult customer. Would recommend for breakfast. If you like your coffee hot, just make sure you specify it.

Best cafe Gold Creek Roasted in canberra for 2016

Would not bother. Coffee is not totally bad. Just the atmosphere is weird and difficult to explain s simple order.

Best cafe Ona Coffee House in canberra for 2016

Dope coffee Dope staff. The coffee is really good along side some good food. The food is not the most fancy food you will get but it tastes good as. Staff are bunch of bro who love to hangout and have a chat it they are not so busy.

I liked this cafe. For me it has a nice feel. The coffee was made really well. I didn't enjoy the flavour though. It tasted to me like it just lacked body. I heard a couple of other customers complaining about their coffee also. I may try it again. But I won't rush back.

Columbian espresso had a bit of sweet apple action going on, clean aftertaste - good. Flat white was also rather good. First visit here, will visit again

Best cafe Penny University Coffee Roasters in canberra for 2016

Great atmosphere and coffee, awesome all day menu too

Friendly service, nice and warm. Excellent coffee. I love this place for vegetarian and vegan lunch.

Great coffee & Spice Girls being blasted inside