Penny University Coffee Roasters

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Reviews of Penny University Coffee Roasters

5 reviews · 5 years ago

I went couple of times - coffe was good but service was not so good , there are enought staff but they really don't manage to cover the whole place and when you finally get to speakt to someone they really do not know much about what they offer- shame..

8 reviews · 5 years ago

Just had best coffee I've had in Canberra in a long time! Coffee temp perfect, not too bitter, strength excellent! A bit hit and miss this place but today 10/10

4 reviews · 1 follower · 5 years ago

Nice rustic feel ambiance, the staff are surprisingly friendly. Been here three times and quite inconsistent. First visit was awesome 10/10, the second was bad, the third was okay..this is just to show that a Barista still important in the cup of coffee making process.

130 reviews · 17 followers · 5 years ago

This time round I must say I wasn't too impressed with the overall experience.. I found that my coffee didn't have the same richness as my previous cups... The food on the other hand was flawless... A huge disappointment from these guys was when we had the bill brought to us not long after finishing our meal.. At this point we weren't asked if we would like anything else.. Very rude and definitely made you feel undervalued as a customer.. Point of contention on a return visit..

154 reviews · 3 followers · 6 years ago

A stunning fit out. The distressed industrial feel to this space crafts a rich atmosphere that is exciting, inspiring and truly alluring. My flat white was decent enough, but fell short of crowd pleasing. Whilst robust at times, and relatively smooth, the overall flavour was tired. To make matters worse, the barista's eau de toilette had somehow tainted the lid of my takeaway cup. Off putting, to say the least. Service at the register and behind the machine was super cheery, though a little slow. The staff weren't tardy by any means, but there were distinct lapses in focus brought about by too many tasks vying for their attention. That said, I'd forgive all this in a heartbeat for another chance to spend a little more time in this fantastic cafe.

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