Top Cafes of 2016 - Cairns

We’ve run the numbers! Here are the best cafes of 2016 in Cairns, voted by real coffee lovers.

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Best cafe The Chamber Room Espresso & Brew Bar in cairns for 2016

An adults only Espresso & Brew Bar where a coffee coma is possible...

I love this coffee shop! Always awesome coffee, fast friendly service from knowledgeable staff and a really cool atmosphere!

This café is for me the number 1 in Cairns. They serve excellent cappuccino. They share their knowledge about coffee, origins of coffee beans and the impressive espresso machine.

Cool little spot down the street but really put off by the arrogance to refuse to serve there coffee over ice and just find it weird how they don’t let children in. So many other friendlier places in cairns sorry

Best cafe Sing Sing Espresso in cairns for 2016

My son and I had very good cappu's there. They are definitely in the top in Cairns. The only negative comment is that they did not know exactly the origins of the beans in the seasonal blend.

The coffee was good, perhaps the pour a little long. I’m guessing it was at a low ebb as all the signs were right. The food was genius. The staff could not have been more welcoming.

Coffee was great and we will return during our stay. Lovely little laneway location.

Best cafe Blackbird Laneway in cairns for 2016

Delicious coffee, consistently great service and a fantastic vibe.

After being on an island holiday (Fitzroy Island) for a week and not drinking bad coffee - we got off the ship and headed straight for here. Like an finding an oasis in the desert, these guys delivered with a beautiful blend and lovely textured milk. I am going to order another right now!

Delicious coffee, smooth milk and well balanced. Atmosphere and service good too. Best coffee I’ve had in Cairns


Ten One Twenty

Cairns City

Best cafe Ten One Twenty in cairns for 2016

Finally a coffee serves at the right temperature, consistent and smooth (the cappuccino is anyway), amazing food with very good healthy product! My favorite thing is that everything is house made so you know what you drink/eat and it comes guilt free. 10/120 my favorite morning ritual, love the spot and live the staff.

Best cafe Caffiend in cairns for 2016

We roast our own coffee under the label Tattooed Sailor coffee roasters.Running milk and black blends, with single Origin for v60.Linea PB, EK43 Simonelli

Gr8 coffee, nice rounded taste and extraction and tamping was well done(no grains in bottom of cup). Food was excellent and good value and the team here have a good rapport with their patrons.

Great Coffee!! Thanks Guys Almond latte is always a bit of a risk but you nailed it.


Bang & Grind

Cairns City

Best cafe Bang & Grind in cairns for 2016

One of Cairns few speciality Espresso Cafe's offering boutique coffee internationally sourced and roasted in Cairns, gourmet foods locally sourced and prepared by our brilliant in house chefs, crushed juices and smoothies, and sweets made in house.

Exceptional Coffee. Two blends both outstanding. Two of the best coffees I have had. The two breakfasts we had were both fantastic and quick as well. Will be back everyday while in Cairns

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