Bayleaf Cafe

Open until 4:30pm

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Reviews of Bayleaf Cafe

4 reviews · 2 months ago

typical pretentious hipster garbage!! coffee is wayyy overrated (good but not special). everything is terribly over priced. Toast with two slices of avacado in the skin for 15$ is insane. wouldn't go back. Everything is ok but over priced and overrated!!

11 reviews · 3 months ago

Probably the best coffee in Byron, but unfortunately coffee isn’t everything. The espresso was very well balanced and had a subtle strawberry sweetness. The batch brew was also clean but nothing to write home about. The cafe was very nice looking and spacious, but at 9 in the morning it was full of people and the music was also very loud. Not the place to go if you want to relax or be productive. The staff seemed a bit overwhelmed and not the friendliest.

3 reviews · 7 months ago

The best all-round cafe in Byron. Coffee is excellent. I tried espresso, latte, mac & filter. They were all 9/10 cups of coffee with a perfect consistency in the flavour, except the Mac- probably the weakest out of the 4. Customer service is so good! They gave us a filter on the house because my mate was getting married. Food was a deadset 9/10. Excellent place!

1 review · 8 months ago

Worst coffee experience! $9.90 for two small double shot in 6oz cups!? And they didn't even know how to run the shot so it was super sour. waste of time and money.