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17 reviews · 2 followers · 2 years ago

I think we missed out on the service that this place delivers. We were stocked to read such good reviews, as we were in want for a good coffee in a desperate moment. Maybe different when the Tommy guy is there. Cons: We got a snappy girl behind the counter, didn't even know what oz-age I asked for when I said an 8oz and a 12oz. My coffee was super hot, I'm talking at least 70-75deg. While wifey's was weak, when it wasn't ordered weak and weak on the syrup as well. Clearly they had just tipped the last bit of my milk into my kids baby chinos too. The guy behind the machine was dumbfounded when I asked for cold milk in both baby chinos, had to repeat myself twice before it made sense to him. Pros: The place looks funky for where it is, with some cool decor. Coffee itself was nice, once it cooled down. We are not locals to this side of town, everyone else has rated this place high, again, maybe the owner been in the shop does make a difference.

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Wake Me Up

2 years ago

surely you must have gone to the wrong shop brother, but we will take all this on board and work on it. thanks for the feedback. Tommy

1 review · 1 follower · 2 years ago

Amazing atmosphere. The people who run this place have passion and really care about your experience. I had a piece of chocolate cake and it was AMAZING. Hubby had a long black and he said it was fantastic. Will be going back for sure!!

10 reviews · 2 years ago

Fantastic Coffee. Ordered my regular soy latte and I would say Wake Me Up café has the best coffee in Logan. Great to see... we need more places like it in south Brisbane (Logan area).

6 reviews · 2 years ago

Fantastic coffee. Wonderful friendly service, great food, lovely music. Unfortunately a sports game being watched on tv with lots of yelling from owner and staff means I can't give a high rating for atmosphere. I will come back though because everything else was fabulous!

112 reviews · 5 followers · 2 years ago

Wow. One of Logan's best. Tommy is fantastic. Such a genuine friendly dude. Remembers his customers and calls them by name. My coffee was perfect. Smooth, crisp, full flavoured, taste lingers on the tongue. Absolutely fantastic coffee. Who'd have thought you would find this gem in the middle of slacks creek. Keep doing what you're doing Tommy, you're doing it right.