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11 reviews · 3 years ago

I had a very nice triple shot medium fw of their house. Was smooth and the taste never dropped off to the end. I wanted to try s/o but nothing in stock on Saturday. The barista was knowledgeable about coffee and interested in my experience. Also tried magic from them and it was perfectly done. Definitely worth visiting if on the southside. Will be back for sure.

6 reviews · 3 years ago

After the last 2 reviews, I decided to visit my fav cafe.. and although I’m a bit biased, I decided to bring 2 coffee connoisseurs with me.. one ordered a magic, the other a macchiato and I a doppio.. the coffee’s-were-FLAWLESS, so much so, after all 3 of us had our first sip, we just sat back, and had a moment of appreciation for this beautiful liquid gold, perfectly brewed.. from floral, toffee and caramel notes we all were mind blown.. don’t know what the other guys had but this place is still pumping the goods.. service was on point and some dope RnB beats pumping on the background was the perfect chill sesh.. we all came that afternoon to see if the other barista made it differently, but low and behold, another FLAWLESS 3 coffees.. man I love this place.. thanks guys.. see u when I’m back 😍😘🤗🤤 Follow my journey as I continue to visit other cafés and give u a real review 🤙🏼

264 reviews · 16 followers · 3 years ago

I arrived for a coffee pretty close to closing time and in chatting with the young lady serving, she stated that the guy really responsible for their top coffee was a morning shift guy and had finished for the day. They do double shot as standard in a flat white which is a huge plus compared to so many others who charge extra. It was well made with a good texture and smooth, strong flavour. It was good, but I would stop short of saying it was exceptional which I might otherwise expect from a cafe with a score over 9.

104 reviews · 4 followers · 3 years ago

I've been known to travel if the the reviews look promising. So here I am from the Gold Coast at this place in Slacks Creek that is getting some good reviews. Ordered my smashed avo (Pic supplied) and a flat white. I am not an avo. expert, but something smelt stale about the avo on toast, maybe it was just the cheese?? It wasn't good. Coffee was a latté, not a flat white. First sip was spectacular, so instantly looking forward to a great experience. It just went downhill from there. First time here, so won't be too harsh, but certainly not as good as the hype. Vibe was great, and the cafe itself is so well laid out. Service was meh, and it wasn't busy, so it looks like I got the short straw. Have no idea what the other reviewers were talking about. Coffee was good, but nowhere near as good as what you get at some of the inner city or Wooloongabba cafes. It honestly wasn't even in their class. Coffee was a 6/10 at best, but given this was my first visit I gave them the benefit of the doubt. Overall, this cafe is a 6.5/10.

27 reviews · 3 years ago

Back again - coffee still awesome. Food is very very good too. But the thing I love about this place is the authentic service - they go out of their way to provide you whatever it is you want. Yes it is worth a specific trip to come here.

27 reviews · 3 years ago

I haven’t given many perfect scores and this deserves it. Coffee, service and atmosphere all top of the tree. Great good too - quality and value. Definitely worth a special trip for the experience.

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