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Told You So

North Lakes

Best cafe Told You So in brisbane for 2016

Wow. Christmas blend is outstanding in milk, espresso or on filter. Makes good plunger at home too. Cheers guys. Great as usual

What an awesome little find. Seem to be the only place with decent coffee open on Boxing Day. A cold drip ice long black went down a treat. First time my wife had a flat white on macadamia milk. A little on a weak side for a double shot but super creamy.

Best cafe Espresso House Windsor in brisbane for 2016

Simple- coffee always good, food fantastic. Prices , same as anybody else. Service, better than anybody else. Just visit and see for yourself.

Best cafe The Lodge in brisbane for 2016

You really can't beat this place, the coffee is an absolute delight. I want to take a bath in it.

This is right up there. It's out of my way when heading north and parking can suck but the coffee is in the top range. Can't give you a detailed taste explanation... it's just good. The people and place are also good but I only give scores based on the main thing: the coffee. It doesn't get much better. I've had similarly good but I don't think I've had better.

Nice place, was a real surprise for the Burbs. Coffee was nice and some good food options.


Shawty's Espresso


Best cafe Shawty's  Espresso in brisbane for 2016

Specialty coffee and good eats!

Tried the house roast and had a perfectly extracted espresso. Brodie’s knowledge and artisan ability was outstanding. He was nice enough to split the El Salvadoran single origin with me (free of charge). Definitely recommend and will come back.

Fabulous coffee, and great staff. Thanks guys.

Nice coffee but ridiculously difficult to find a park. Cars were illegally parked and getting ticketed while we waited.


Cup From Above

Fortitude Valley

Best cafe Cup From Above in brisbane for 2016

Cup From Above is a social enterprise. 100% from every cup you purchase from here helps create a better community.


Day Made


Best cafe Day Made in brisbane for 2016

Went for coffee and brunch with a friend but was disappointed with their very small food menu, which lacked any gluten free options. Not even the option of gf bread. The coffee was pretty average as well, so probably wouldn’t go back.

Every time I am back in Brisbane I head straight here. Always the most delicious filters - so nice to see such a heavy focus on soft brews. Also can’t go past a 1+1 of whatever tasty single they’re offering on espresso. Best vibes.

Nice funky coffee shop. Sells one of the best coffee brands available. Had one nice coffee and one passable coffee today. Not sure what they are doing, but consistency is key. Service was blah.

Best cafe Pablo & Rusty's Brisbane in brisbane for 2016

Been coming here quite regularly for my early milk-based hit, with the occasional batch brew every now and then. One of the best in this part of the CBD, and plus they sometime stock the best caramel slice I've ever tasted.

Best cafe Fox Street Factory  in brisbane for 2016

👌🏻 my favourite of all of Brisbane

Superb coffee and food, excellent friendly service - the people here genuinely want you to have a positive experience. Top notch.


First Coffee Co

Wellington Point

Best cafe First Coffee Co in brisbane for 2016

Hole In The Wall. Specialty Coffee. Dog Friendly. Cycling Friendly. Since 2015.

Omg how is this hole in the wall rated best anything. I expected great things and was extremely disappointed :(

Great concept store. Great coffee and excellent service. So glad to find this gem ahead of a big day!

Great hole in the wall using modern equipment, exceptional product, as well as sustainable consumables. Great representation of speciality coffee standards! Thank you, I loved my House FW & Colombian Batch Brew. Don’t be fooled by the beanhunter map showing location in the water! You’ll find this gem operating out of a window in the V1 Cyclery shop on the corner of Christina St & Main St.

Best cafe Big Bad Wolff in brisbane for 2016

Came here in the morning and got an espresso tasting plate. Both were interesting flavours with excellent bodies and great balance. will return

Coffee was lovely with a great depth from front to back. Service staff were lovely and very tolerant of our chit Lin’s. No AC made it a bit steamy.


Flick n Beans

Bowen Hills

Best cafe Flick n Beans in brisbane for 2016

Really good coffee, with some tasty treats if u feel the need. Always kind service from the team here..

Great cap, nice flavor smooth 😊

Best cafe Coffee Anthology in brisbane for 2016

Liked the coffee but I really disliked the service. Hi pitched yelling girls telling me coffee me to select option 1, 2, or 3. “That one is chocolaty and this one is sweet”. and then criticising my tasting saying I was wrong. Gosh, why can’t we know varieties and the processing used when we buy? These are so impactful to coffee flavour. Most don’t like buying ‘sweet’ or ‘dry’ wines preferring to know if its a chardonnay of sauvignon blanc. Why not the same with coffee? Time to grow up!

I like taste profile words to be plain, so FOB like me can understand. I don't drink wine, because it was too previlliged for me to bother.

Another perfect set of coffees matched by exceptional service. Ethiopian on an espresso and two magics.

Best cafe The Tiller Coffee in brisbane for 2016

Coffee is great, love the bagels too. Not had a bad coffee here. If your on the hunt for something new and out of the way this is the place for you. The only thing was the hot air being pumped out of the aircon duct from the industrial building behind them.

Nice place on the North side at Alderley, Coffee was nice as was the bagel we snacked on and shared. It was getting really hot though even though it was only early, probably one of their biggest issues being where they are and being outside in modified shipping container. Would be great to relax here if it was cooler.

Nice place, coffee was good, the weather was not. It would be a great place to go if it wasnt raining.

Best cafe Josie North in brisbane for 2016

A definite visit required. Really nice smooth coffee blend made perfectly. The speciality is coffee, and it shows. Even if not in Toowong, stop here.

The staff were so lovely and super welcoming! Smooth coffee and a loose leaf Chai FULL of flavour (super rare to find a decent chai)! My new Brisbane dirty Chai hot spot!

Coffee was very nice, shop fit and feel was decent for the dated mini mall location. Would recommend if in the area.

Best cafe Abode Cafe in brisbane for 2016

Blacksheep beans (woolloongabba) provide a good range and styles of brew. Single O batch brew available on weekends. Quiet and homely vibe with FANTASTIC food, friendly staff and chilled tunes.

Great cafe with brilliant staff. Food options are out of this world and their commitment to fresh produce (and jams) makes this always a tasty visit. Coffee is regularly made very well on Black Sheep Coffee.

Cute cafe in the suburbs. The service was quick and friendly. Coffee was delicious and the home made cakes were so tasty. A great little find.


Wake Me Up

Slacks Creek

Best cafe Wake Me Up in brisbane for 2016

Great little cafe that serves excellent coffee with enthusiasm, was served a 5 bean Ethiopian blend doppio that was heavy in flavor with no trace of bitterness..highly recommended

Best coffee I’ve had in greater Brisbane. Their 4 bean Ethiopian blend was excellent and service great.

Coffee was good, typical cafe offering in the Burbs. Good to take the family to on the way to IKEA.

Best cafe The Eva St Privateer in brisbane for 2016

Great Coffee, and the food tastes good but it’s wayyyyyyy to expensive. $14 for a small bacon and egg roll. I’d expect to pay $10 at the most. Worth the coffee though and service seemed ok.


Lola Coffee


Best cafe Lola Coffee in brisbane for 2016

This cafe is absolutely on point! The coffee is fantastic; so well balanced and smooth. The service is so refreshingly professional and friendly - though never overly attentive. I will be back again and again.

Really loved Lola coffee, beautiful tasting coffee, great fit out, lovely place to enjoy coffee in Brisbane - highly recommended

Well, its been 8 months or so since my last review of this great place. since then the food menu has grown and changed seasonally a few times. sat down on the weekend in the hot Bisbane heat and enjoyed a great breakfast of a massive pancake served with thier now famous cold brew ice cream, i also had the espresso butter with it too. All I can say is Yummo. The coffee here is always on point and quite possibly the best in Brisbane, I had a beautifully flavoured piccollo latte that was perfect with the pancake. I've also been itching to try the new ploughmans lunch with the house made pickles. Great place, great food, great service, BEST COFFEE. Do yourself a favour and go there!



St lucia

Best cafe Belltop in brisbane for 2016

Really good location for BEL faculty, good food and coffee. ahhaa oh man the service is awesome and they are so friendly and funny! :D

Best cafe Dovetail on Overend in brisbane for 2016

Very nice coffee, lovely quiet location. Worth a visit for sure.

Great place for its location. Coffee is very good and always a delicious range of sweets. Great place to go if you require gluten free. A nice outing to the burbs if your looking to explore.

Great place in the middle of Norman Park, very unassuming but worth the trek if you have the time. Coffee was really tasty and nice flavours.

Best cafe Acacia Espresso Bar in brisbane for 2016

This has to be the best coffee I have had for a long time. Very friendly staff and a small assortment of food as well. Highly recommended

Good coffee, nice barista and nice cafe. Coffee was good.

Great guys and excellent coffee. Bit hard to find as it’s on back of shopping centre but worth it.

Best cafe John Mills Himself in brisbane for 2016

Our cafe is a quality focussed business using Mecca Coffee as our house blend and sourcing from other quality Australian roasters for our feature coffee and filter coffee. We source our ingredients from other like-minded businesses such as Maleny Dairies for milk, Heirloom for all things chocolate and our sister cafe Bunker for Iced drinks. We have a daily selection of fresh baked pastries and cakes and the cafe is located in the heritage listed John Mills Himself building. We can be a little hard to find: you can reach us via the driveway at 55 Elizabeth St, or walk through to the back of the buildings basement level from 40 Charlotte St.

This was seriously good coffee this morning. Today’s music was some sort of Spanish/Latin background. Very soothing and gave the venue atmosphere. Service was top shelf. Friendly/caring staff. Nothing too much trouble. Thank you

Great find. Excellent coffee and informative and friendly staff. Worth finding the right alley!

Excellent coffee. Great service.




Best cafe Bunker in brisbane for 2016

Really nicely flavoured coffee in a great little location. The roast is at the perfect strength, and in my opinion has a slightly nutty taste. Very distinctive. As a bonus, their bottled iced coffees are really great too.

Must be the chill in the air but my daily flat white was perfect today. Great start to the day- thanks guys!

Yes coffee ! Staff passionate about what they are doing, wanting to learn and share their skills, cute spot, I'll drive just to go there

Best cafe Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters in brisbane for 2016

Love this coffee. Smooth and strong but no bitterness. Great staff that are friendly and cheerful. Such an asset to Bardon.

Great coffee and a large selection of beans on retail. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Atmosphere inside is a little odd as the place is dominated by a huge staircase and not a lot of seating options.



Brisbane CBD

Best cafe Strauss in brisbane for 2016

Coffee was great. 8.5/10. Delicious and super smooth. Atmosphere was okay. Hot inside but friendly service. Definitely a good place to visit.

Supposedly this place they serve until 3 pm, at 2:15 p.m. I arrive at the restaurant, in a very friendly way, the waitress only offers me a type of coffee, because the machines are already getting cold. the place is a little hot inside. It is a simple but nice place.

Best cafe Elixir Coffee in brisbane for 2016

A family-owned coffee roasting house and cafe serving gourmet breakfasts, lunches and cakes.

The best I've ever had. Magnificent coffee, which a nutty flavour that lasts and lasts and lasts. Outstanding food range, offered all day. Do not give it a miss if you're in the area. You'll never know true caffeinated happiness.

Good coffee, always consistent.. one of the better places. Car parking here can be an issue but.... that has nothing to do with their coffee.. ;)

Popped in for a quick take away this afternoon. Flat white was well made and it's clear to see they take pride in their product. For such a quick visit it's hard to make a proper evaluation but I'll be back soon to taste the coffee again.


Reverends Fine Coffee

Fortitude Valley

Best cafe Reverends Fine Coffee in brisbane for 2016

Coffee here is no doubt great however in relation to service that is questionable. We ordered take aways (whilst the cafe was closing they were happy to serve us take away coffee), others were still seated and eating. When we asked if we could sit down and have the coffee in the take away cups they said no again. Will not be back - bad attitude and service.

This place came recommended and I can see why. Ordered a Cap for the Mrs and a Short Mac for me. Tidy.

Best cafe Wilderness Bar in brisbane for 2016

Shit coffee, service was crap. Barista didn't care, felt like she thought I was a nuisance. Definitely does not deserve it's 9.4 rating overall. Sorry wilderness but that's where you belong

Best cafe The Fort Specialty Coffee in brisbane for 2016

Not only a delicious coffee made by staff who care about their product, but with double shot as standard and a great price they're absolutely a winner. The coffee was creamy and smooth and the temperature was spot on. The flavour was mild at first bit built in intensity as it sat on the palette.

Probably my favourite coffee shop. Staff are always friendly and most know their stuff. Can’t fault the food or the coffee 👏🏻

Cool looking place, and yummy food, but I don’t like the flat whites here...


The Alley

Everton Park

Best cafe The Alley in brisbane for 2016

Situated next to Nexus Church, The Alley Cafe is a specialty coffee shop. Open 7am-4pm (closed 1:30pm-2:30pm) our great coffee is complimented with plenty of under cover seating and a awesome playground for the littlies!

loved the cozy atmosphere but coffee was weak for me

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