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We’ve run the numbers! Here are the best cafes of 2016 in Brisbane, voted by real coffee lovers.

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Told You So

North Lakes

Best cafe Told You So in brisbane for 2016

Awesome little joint, totally deserving its high ranking. Very hip, attentive service, superb coffee. It's out of the way and a little hard to spot from outside - but absolutely worth finding.

Nice atmosphere. Brilliant coffee. Great service.

Went to 'TYS Thursdays' last Thursday night and it was AWESOME. Great vibe. Excellent coffee and service. The food trucks were fantastic. Highly recommend Told You So.

Best cafe Espresso House Windsor in brisbane for 2016

Below average coffee, very watery flat white, either grind/flow of steam are not set up right. Courtyard is nice to sit in with a good atmosphere for a saturday morning.

Well I have returned to espresso house to try them again after reading some harsh reviews and I have to say they are still serving awesome coffee and food. Come and judge for yourself is all I can say.

Coffee is smooth, not particularly strong. Service is hot and cold. Prices are on the expensive side. Lovely old shop but not well ventilated - can be stuffy and hot.

Best cafe The Lodge in brisbane for 2016

Really nice selection of coffee, fantastic breakfast! Good service and atmosphere. Will come back.

The soy coffee was not good and it gave me a tummy ache.

Great coffee! Generous servings of fresh food with friendly service. Not usually in this neck of the woods; really enjoyed it.


Shawty's Espresso


Best cafe Shawty's  Espresso in brisbane for 2016

Specialty coffee and good eats!

Very cool cafe, with great coffee. The service is as good as I've ever experienced in Australia and always happy for a chat. Would 100% recommend and very glad I stumbled on this cafe.

Awesome coffee. Single origin is spectacular. Hard to find a park but well worth it!


Cup From Above

Fortitude Valley

Best cafe Cup From Above in brisbane for 2016

Cup From Above is a social enterprise. 100% from every cup you purchase from here helps create a better community.


Day Made


Best cafe Day Made in brisbane for 2016

Great selection of baked goods. Coffee was above average. Nice decor. Worth a try but there is tough competition in town.

The day I tried a One on One— Experiences are created through your emotions, thoughts, actions and senses going on a journey. My tastebuds certainly gained an unmistakable experience. What is a One on One, you may ask? An espresso and a milk based coffee of choice. Served in ceramic cups, the espresso was partnered by my selection of a latte. Imagine visually a line of intensity—the flavour palette of the beans hitting hard, softened by the milky wonder in contrast. A journey you need to experience. Enlightening my soul, Day Made by Coffee Supreme has become a location of choice.

I visited Day Made a few times since opening. They take care of coffee and very serious about coffee they offer. Food is really good, and decor and atmosphere is nice and relaxed. Unfortunately, waiting time can be very long, particularly on weekend, and customers are expected to know coffee well. My partner had a trouble to place our order as I asked him to get a few coffees for me, and found the staff members were not so helpful. If you are in a hurry, or have some limited time, I would not recommend Day Made, but if you have a time, and wish to enjoy good coffee in a beautiful settings, this cafe is really good. Coffees I have had so far, were all good and very enjoyable, and the selection of music is also very good.

Best cafe Pablo & Rusty's Brisbane in brisbane for 2016

Yep, a quality coffee. Enjoyed the FW here today. Very similar to coffee provided at the Sydney City store. Nice that consistency and quality is present across the brand.

Best cafe Fox Street Factory  in brisbane for 2016

👌🏻 my favourite of all of Brisbane

Superb coffee and food, excellent friendly service - the people here genuinely want you to have a positive experience. Top notch.


First Coffee Co

Wellington Point

Best cafe First Coffee Co in brisbane for 2016

Hole In The Wall. Specialty Coffee. Dog Friendly. Cycling Friendly. Since 2015.

Nothing but positive energy for this joint. The friendliest people creating nectar heaven in ceramic cups, a cold filter so clean and refreshing, wow wow wow wow wow.

Omg how is this hole in the wall rated best anything. I expected great things and was extremely disappointed :(

Great concept store. Great coffee and excellent service. So glad to find this gem ahead of a big day!

Best cafe Big Bad Wolff in brisbane for 2016

Amazing service, coffee was well made and of great quality, most people will love this place 👏🏼

Called in as nearby and had never been before. Staff were professional yet welcoming. Rich rated his long black as one of the best ones he had ever had. Chocolatey and creamy, he said. My flat white was tasty and not too milky tasting. Rich had a ginger and date biscuit and it was chewy gingery enough while my cornflake cookie took me back to my childhood and Mum's baking. Recommend and they also hold Barista classes.

One of my absolute favourite coffee shops. The coffee is outstanding! Service is amazing too, just a very limited range of food.


Flick n Beans

Bowen Hills

Best cafe Flick n Beans in brisbane for 2016

Really good coffee, with some tasty treats if u feel the need. Always kind service from the team here..

Great cap, nice flavor smooth 😊

Best cafe Coffee Anthology in brisbane for 2016

Great coffee great food great service

So disappointed - great service and amazing coffee on my last visit. Like a whole different experience this morning .

Best cafe The Tiller Coffee in brisbane for 2016

Cute little cafe in an industrial area with an earthy vibe! Service was wonderful, barista was so friendly! Coffee was smooth, silky and delicious - I had a small flat white but would have preferred it to be slightly stronger but still delicious! Lovely ham and cheese croissant too - Thank you for the delicious food and coffee!

Tucked in from the road w some cool woodwork, delicious coffee and yummy menu items. Do recommend.

Best cafe Josie North in brisbane for 2016

These guys are amazing, they are super knowledgeable and pretty funny . I haven't had such a good long black in Brisbane in sooooo long the barista whom wears glasses is a ledge, I'll now go out of my way to get a good coffee from these guys. P.s Their cheese and pickle toasties are delish.

Underwhelmed would be the word. Nice enough place on the inside, but the atmosphere is lacking as your tucked down a grubby closed in shopping arcade, but what really matters in the coffee... and that's where I was disappointed. Ordered a piccolo, but might as well have asked for a cup of warm milk. It's actually almost impressive how devoid of any trace of coffee flavour was present. It feels as though beanhunter has lost its point. Once upon a time it was about subjective customer reviewing. Now it's just an outlet for peoples creative writing (as can be read in the previous) or nondescript reviews that throw around 10/10 just for fun. Not to say you shouldn't try this place out, and maybe I just got a 1 in 100 rubbish coffee, but there are far better places in Brisbane than this.

Best cafe Abode Cafe in brisbane for 2016

I really can't find and issue with this place, it's really, really good. Also, open Sunday morn which is hard to find in Brisbane.

Blacksheep beans (woolloongabba) provide a good range and styles of brew. Single O batch brew available on weekends. Quiet and homely vibe with FANTASTIC food, friendly staff and chilled tunes.

Great cafe with brilliant staff. Food options are out of this world and their commitment to fresh produce (and jams) makes this always a tasty visit. Coffee is regularly made very well on Black Sheep Coffee.


Wake Me Up

Slacks Creek

Best cafe Wake Me Up in brisbane for 2016

Best coffee in Logan! Love these guys and their always delicious coffee no matter what you order. Their mix of ethiopian beans tastes incredible black and their milk based coffe is chocolatey and smooth.

There is literally nothing to fault at Wake Me Up. Exceptional and efficient service, lovely community atmosphere and some of the best coffee you’ll find in Brisbane. The owner really knows his craft and wants you to have a great experience. Will listen and create the coffee you want. Naturally, they use Bonsoy. So happy this is my new work local!!

Great little cafe that serves excellent coffee with enthusiasm, was served a 5 bean Ethiopian blend doppio that was heavy in flavor with no trace of bitterness..highly recommended


Lola Coffee


Best cafe Lola Coffee in brisbane for 2016

Located near busy Stanley Street at the Cricket Ground end, the location has pleasant appeal with tables indoors and colourful stools outside. Service was attentive and my long blacks was accompanied by a complementary glass of sparkling water. The coffee was good, very good and had lovely citrus notes, smooth finish and rich flavour

Super friendly service. Loved the Ham, cheese and pickle toastie. Yummo. Coffee is always nice here. First time I got an extra shot which I needed. Today, I just had a regular flat white and the flavour was great. Very genuine and friendly service. Would recommend a visit.

This cafe is absolutely on point! The coffee is fantastic; so well balanced and smooth. The service is so refreshingly professional and friendly - though never overly attentive. I will be back again and again.



St lucia

Best cafe Belltop in brisbane for 2016

Belltop is the only place to go to on campus for good coffee. The staff are amazing and have created a welcoming, friendly environment. The coffee is fantastic and always consistent. The space is great if you want to catch up with friends, colleagues or study between classes. They even went so far as to give me a space to hold a study group. The atmosphere is relaxed and the tables are spaced out so you aren't sitting on top of each other. All and all it's an amazing place to be and your UQ experience wont be as good until you have been to Belltop.

Really good location for BEL faculty, good food and coffee. ahhaa oh man the service is awesome and they are so friendly and funny! :D

Best cafe Dovetail on Overend in brisbane for 2016

Seriously the best coffee in Brisbane. Long Black has perfect touch of bitterness. Always 100%. Baked eggs are superb too if you are after a good hearty brekky

Very nice coffee, lovely quiet location. Worth a visit for sure.

Great place for its location. Coffee is very good and always a delicious range of sweets. Great place to go if you require gluten free. A nice outing to the burbs if your looking to explore.

Best cafe Acacia Espresso Bar in brisbane for 2016

This has to be the best coffee I have had for a long time. Very friendly staff and a small assortment of food as well. Highly recommended

Good coffee, nice barista and nice cafe. Coffee was good.

Best cafe John Mills Himself in brisbane for 2016

Our cafe is a quality focussed business using Mecca Coffee as our house blend and sourcing from other quality Australian roasters for our feature coffee and filter coffee. We source our ingredients from other like-minded businesses such as Maleny Dairies for milk, Heirloom for all things chocolate and our sister cafe Bunker for Iced drinks. We have a daily selection of fresh baked pastries and cakes and the cafe is located in the heritage listed John Mills Himself building. We can be a little hard to find: you can reach us via the driveway at 55 Elizabeth St, or walk through to the back of the buildings basement level from 40 Charlotte St.

No almond milk - seriously how hard is it to stock almond milk when it has the longest shelf life. No coffee for me from here. Disappointing after navigating the maze to find this place

Loved this place, amazing coffee and friendly staff

Been a while since last visit to this little gem. Coffee is superb and service standard remain high.




Best cafe Bunker in brisbane for 2016

Been wanting to try this place for ages. Busy spot. Coffee not bad. Like how they have used the space.

Best cafe Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters in brisbane for 2016

Love this coffee. Smooth and strong but no bitterness. Great staff that are friendly and cheerful. Such an asset to Bardon.



Brisbane CBD

Best cafe Strauss in brisbane for 2016

Tried the piccolo because of everyone's reviews. Definitely worth it

Best cafe Elixir Coffee in brisbane for 2016

A family-owned coffee roasting house and cafe serving gourmet breakfasts, lunches and cakes.

The best I've ever had. Magnificent coffee, which a nutty flavour that lasts and lasts and lasts. Outstanding food range, offered all day. Do not give it a miss if you're in the area. You'll never know true caffeinated happiness.

Good coffee, always consistent.. one of the better places. Car parking here can be an issue but.... that has nothing to do with their coffee.. ;)


Reverends Fine Coffee

Fortitude Valley

Best cafe Reverends Fine Coffee in brisbane for 2016

This is one of the best coffee places in Brisbane hands down

Very Good wholesome cafe that has some chill vibes, has the feel of being family run which is cool. The Espresso coffee is made using Supreme beans which is a great start, my pour over was made using ‘Duromina’ Small Batch Roasting Co beans and was Very Good. The amazing food is lovingly made out of a tiny kitchen, and the product of some culinary skill. The Barista on station today was knowledgeable and skilful. Deserves to be known as a place for good coffee.

Nice chocolaty blend with subtle spice. Limited menu but great atmosphere and service.

Best cafe Wilderness Bar in brisbane for 2016

This little gem is my morning haven. I know I will always get a beautiful cup of coffee that sets me up to tackle the busy day ahead. On the days I can't be bothered making breakfast I simply order a delicious bagel to accompany my coffee,job done! And no matter which combination I go for it's always delivered with a superb smile and effortless happy banter.... A simply brilliant coffee shop....

Amazing coffee, great aesthetic, friendly team. Everything you could want in a quality local coffee shop.

Best cafe The Fort Specialty Coffee in brisbane for 2016

Good food, good coffee, good people 👍🏼

Coffee was fantastic and counter service was welcoming and friendly. Great place. Open on a Sunday too which was convenient.

Not only a delicious coffee made by staff who care about their product, but with double shot as standard and a great price they're absolutely a winner. The coffee was creamy and smooth and the temperature was spot on. The flavour was mild at first bit built in intensity as it sat on the palette.


The Alley

Everton Park

Best cafe The Alley in brisbane for 2016

Situated next to Nexus Church, The Alley Cafe is a specialty coffee shop. Open 7am-4pm (closed 1:30pm-2:30pm) our great coffee is complimented with plenty of under cover seating and a awesome playground for the littlies!

Coffee weak and bland. Chai powdered and boring. Service not good. Will not be coming back.

I arrive at this hidden coffee shop at 1210 and find loads of people around it. must be after a church service. walk up for a coffee an on the sign trading hours are 0700 -1230 and the first thing he tell me is they are shut. Not what you want at all.

loved the cozy atmosphere but coffee was weak for me

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