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For the full review that contains fabulous photos visit the Bean Brewding blog post Cup Coffee Roastery has an authentic industrial feel that is perfect for drinking specialty coffee in a roasting environment. The huge, and heavy counter was originally a saw bench on wheels and is a striking fixture along with the Slayer coffee machine that is calibrated for single origins and the La Marzocco Mistral is used for take-aways and the 5 Star Day blend. Once you have consumed the visual highlights of the roastery, the specialty coffee roasted on the 5 kilo Probat L5 roaster is the perfect consumption companion. What the eyes feast on, the tongue savours! Whether you like your coffee brewed or filtered, black or white, Cup Roastery has coffee that will delight. We have had long macchiatos on the Santa Clara from Guatemala, long blacks with hot milk on the side made on the 5 Star Day blend and mocha’s on Ethiopians. Each one provided a wonderful fusion of coffee beans, extraction and Maleny Milk. The long macchiatos were awesome – there was a fruity vibrancy to the coffee with a creaminess from the milk that delivered a coffee you could have time and time again. On our recent visit to the roastery, we sat at the saw bench counter and chatted with the baristas. It felt like a scene from the wild west saloon, we sidled up to the bar and chatted to barkeep while he polished the glasses … whoops polished off amazing latte art. No wonder he went to Korea for the World Latte Art championships! Back to the coffee … we had pour-overs on the Ethiopian (Yirgacheffe) Koke and El Salvadorian Alaska. This is also an art form – they meticulously weighed the coffee grinds and the water to ensure the best possible outcome for the drinker. The Yirgacheffe provided a fruity aroma and delivered amazing sweetness and brightness to the palette. The Alaskan was fruity and somehow tea like in flavour … thinking in Uncle Joe’s colour analogy, orange was the colour that came to mind. Using that colour to define a taste, we went for orange blossom tea! What is Uncle Joe's colour analogy? see From the outside Cup Roastery is somewhat inconspicuous, so look for the massive Lattice factory sign on Balaclava Street and you’re there … pretty much. The new ‘Cup’ sign is being forged – literally – and will be along soon! Josh once said to us, ‘we never serve, or sell, anything unless it’s the best.’ And seriously, we have never been able to fault Cup on this promise. Whether you are in the Gabba or West End, you will enjoy impeccable coffee, time after time! In cricket parlance, there’s no ‘wrong-uns’ at the Gabba … Roastery!

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