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For the full review and fabulous photos visit Only at The Tiller Coffee at Alderley can you sit in a shipping container and watch trains pass through three mile scrub. Here you can catch the breeze and savour a cold drip coffee on a stinking hot Spring day. A tiller can be a lever used to turn a rudder and steer a boat, clever name given the shipping container. There is a beautiful hand crafted wooden table and bench to sit at in the courtyard which is currently under expansion. This is not just a quaint space for your takeaway coffee, Chris and Charlie provide plenty of coffee options and will soon offer food prepared in-house. The house blend named ‘Three Mile Scrub’ is referring to the neighbouring Newmarket located three miles from the city. Freshly shipped out of the Wolff Coffee Roasters roastery, Chris says he is privileged to be sending the Wolff to the burbs. Single origins are sourced from local and not so local roasters, so you can guarantee you get something different each time. Plenty of methods being tilled such as espresso, AeroPress, Chemex and homemade cold drip. So to the tasting, first up El Salvadorian cold drip to cool off a train station pilgrimage in trousers. On the nose chocolate stood up reminding us of Kahlua. In the mouth caramel and brownish fawn on the Uncle Joe’s colour scale. Shorty’s poured as ristretto’s on the Honduran Ovidio Gomez, one with a stain, one without also cruised to the table. These were sticky sweet and easy drinking, we could have easily had another. We had to move on though and requested the Chemex be warmed up and the house blend be ground up. The Three Mile Scrub house blend is a quartet of Kenyan, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Guatemalan and Brazilian beans. Served up as a long black we encountered our first ever HWOS (Hot Water On the Side). This way you can add as little or as much water as you like. What a great idea. Charlie says their blend is best as long black, unconventional… we love it. The Yirgacheffe shone through pleasing its consumer. Alderley locals made room for the Tiller Coffee and I bet they are glad they did. Specialty coffee in the burbs with a great outlook across the scrub should make anyone happy… if that doesn’t the hospitality will.

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