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4 reviews · 4 years ago

Started off well, nice coffee. Then all went down hill- 25 minutes for our coffee and 45 for our food. Couple next to us hadn't recieved theirs and decided they were going to cancel their meals and leave. Very disappointing experience.

1 review · 4 years ago

From the warm smiles that greeted me on arrival, to the sheer delight of eating food that was lovingly and professionally prepared from quality fresh ingredients, The Roastery Cafe is my new favorite place to go in Brisbane - I should explain too that I drove 2.5 hours to try it (and the same distance home) and was so glad I made the trip. I dine out a lot (at least 3-4 times a week) and I have never written a review before that has so many positives - but believe me, this place really deserves the credit & reviews it has (mine included). The staff were as friendly and helpful as the food was fresh and flavorsome. It came out warm and wonderful, just like the big smiles on the faces of the happy waitstaff who delivered it. The chef too was a delight, happily chatting with us in a friendly and genuine way. The front counter staff make you feel like an old friend arriving and constantly pay attention to your welfare (this is no "sit & forget" type of place). After one of the very best Eggs Benedict I have tasted (and my dining partner's brilliant brekky burger) we got to taste REAL coffee - taste this proper brew and and it ruins you for most others - so enjoyed by us that we immediately ordered more. I will be happily driving to visit them again very soon! AAA+ everyone, well done & thank you so much!

21 reviews · 5 years ago

Poor service, average coffee and arrogant staff, especially the overweight, bald man behind the counter. My piccolo had a frothy head on it that a beer-pouring bar person would be proud of, plus far too hot to drink for almost five minutes. Ordered meals and waited one hour, only to be told the kitchen was missing a key ingredient. Why weren't we told this one hour earlier and given the chance to change our order or go somewhere else? When questioned about the delay, they simply didn't care. Don't bother wasting your time - there are plenty of other options in the area.

The Roastery Cafe's Avatar'

The Roastery Cafe

5 years ago

Thanks for your feedback I have only just seen this review can you please contact me directly to discuss what happened in my cafe. Clearly as you can see by our reviews on all platforms this is not a regular occurrence and it is not an acceptable standard for any of our venues. Thanks

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