Southside Tea Room
This cafe has closed.

Open until 2:30pm

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Reviews of Southside Tea Room

75 reviews · 8 followers · 6 years ago

I've been meaning to try out Southside Tea Room since it opened a few years back. I saw Maxi's recent review about it being like a toilet cubicle and thought I have to check this out now! It's not in the most desirable spot on Wynnum Rd, but inside we chilled out with bfast and a few brews. I like it. Some may not. I love Dramanti, and my FW on 19-20-20 was great. Bfast plates were hit and miss, with my partner's cheese toasted sandwich at $11 being a bit miss for the price. The vibe is very much low key whatever. I was relaxed, the staff were chilled and most customers were happy to while we were there. Try it for something oddly different.

16 reviews · 6 years ago

Used to really enjoy this place, but since removing the bar the atmosphere is somewhat like a public toilet cubical. Further the coffee is hit or miss depending on the barista you get.

10 reviews · 1 follower · 7 years ago

coffee was alright. nothing really complex happening, tasted quite balanced though. I feel there could of been a lot more potential out of a dramanti bean but it just wasn't hitting it. staff were too hip for their own good. not overly friendly. atmosphere feels like we are in a mix world of stuff left in a shed for decades, plus it feels like we were in a shed! but I can understand the appeal people have to a place like this.

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