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I went to Shucked many times over 2 years, but could not form my opinion on this place as many factors changed quite often including coffee they used. When I visited them first, everything was very nice: Atmosphere, service, coffee and food. Then, it went downhill - bad coffee and near nil service, which made me feel leaving as soon as possible. I went back after they had selected as a must-visit place, and found it not right. I went back again a couple of time this year, and was pleasantly surprised many things had been fixed, particularly services. All ladies were very friendly and so professional. They were happy, didn't mind chatting and smiling. Decor has not changed much and some may find old chairs not so comfy, but if you like antique or some feel you are visiting your grandparents, you would love this place. Coffee-wise, I found it a bit too dark and a little bit too hot for my liking. I think Mecca suits better with coffee, but still, not a bad coffee. It had a strong body on a slightly bitter side. I always prefer sweeter coffee, but if you like Italian style, you would definitely enjoy their cup. Possibly better as double restretto piccolo. I wanted to try filter, but unfortunately, they offered only aeropress on that day, so I had to skip it. I really enjoyed my short stay at Shucked and am looking forward to trying their pour over when I am in the area next time.

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