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For the full review that contains fabulous photos visit the Bean Brewding blog post The menu board at Roost is enough to make you want to sit down, start from the top and work you way down – there is the Goblin, the black bantam, the ‘Isaac’ … to name a few. It’s a crema dilemma! So an in-depth conversation with staff to get a handle on what they are is imperative. Although they were really busy, the friendly staff patiently and precisely explained the ‘different’ choices we asked about. He finished by saying, ‘thanks for asking!’ Roost Coffee is a coffee shop by day and the Room 60 bar at night – cool use of space! The coffee action happens out front but the lighting and jazz plying in the background gives you a sense of being in an intimate bar. The only clue there is a coffee shop is the red rooster, so if you’re cruising down Carraway St, look for the big red umbrellas, find a park and head on in. The house blend is Arcade by Cup Coffee and they rotate their single origins sourced from a range of local specialty roasters like The Single Guys Coffee Co. and Fifth Battery Coffee Roasters. The wonderful coffee is mixed with Barambah organic milk for those who like it white! Mocha mate was not distracted by the lure of signature coffees and went straight for the mocha. The verdict … ‘pretty special, it’s like a mocha from Bunker.’ Even though Roost uses Bunker chocolate, it is still high praise indeed! One of us was tempted by ‘the Isaac’, a double ristretto poured over cold milk. So smooth and easy to drink - an interesting fusion of cold and hot. Another interesting fusion was ‘the Matthew’ – an espresso shot over San Pellegrino sparkling water. Mocha mate could not hold back any longer and went for it! The crema looked like it was on steroids. The experience was somewhat bizarre – the brain was trying to work out if it was a soft drink or a coffee … maybe a coffee spider! Do you want to get to know your coffee? visit The Goblin, a double ristretto over four ounces of 70 degree filtered water, had to be tried! One for the lovers of coffee. Like its namesake, it may have been a little mischievous but definitely not evil – it was delightfully smooth, there is obviously some talent driving the La Marzocco Linea. Roost Coffee is a cool place to chill, chat and enjoy unique mixtures of coffee. There are cold drips and pour overs on the menu if filtered coffee is your go … however we never quite got there. If you ever feel experimental, or even goblinesque, head to Roost and try the unconventional … we don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

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