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1 review · 4 years ago

coffee to hot and burnt and the bacon roll tastes like its been there a week. The place looks great! A big lack of service, but for one person. It seemed he was the only boy really working there. I went and ordered my latte large in a takeaway cup, and a bacon egg roll. Served by a young girl Kate her name was, so so service and that's all she seemed to do, well apart from being on her phone the time and talking. It looked like the manager on coffee machine and the young man doing all of the rest, but all awhile this poor boy is getting spoken to in a really abusive way by the manager. Witch seemed to like bullying him around. So in that time my coffee did arrive and I have to say the worst coffee I've ever had here in Australia (BAD) And the bacon egg roll. Please one bit of bacon and one egg that's it for $15.00 or so, not. Worth it at all. I did go up and say something to them to the manager coffee to hot and burnt and the bacon roll tastes like its been there a week. All the manager said was, so yeah that it's! You can't be right, its fresh everyday nothing I'm going to do for you. Well not much you can say back to that. I just hope the young boy stands up for himself no one needs to be treated like shit. No need for it.

1 review · 1 follower · 6 years ago

Love this local gem. It's my go to place prior to work... I've never had a burnt long black and the service is always prompt. The opening hours make it ideal for those who work shift work.

2 reviews · 6 years ago

Loved visiting there on a hot day with others who are not coffee drinkers. Milkshakes and smoothies (with wide aperture drinking straws) just like they made years ago and the price is much better than coffee clubs. Meals sounded delicious, and really well designed space. Dog water bowl out the front. Liquor option at certain times. I will certainly be back.

16 reviews · 7 years ago

Service is lovely, coffee made well enough, confused as to why a cafe like this wouldn't use a local roaster with a higher quality product (there's so many to choose from).. Beans bitter & stale tasting though they must be doing something right as always seems busy.

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