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1 review · 2 years ago

ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE👎🏻 Arrived for a coffee with coffee with our little ones. Straight away without a hello, i got a “can i help you this is an espresso bar we only serve coffee”. Taken aback already by the cold welcome we pressed on. Admittedly, my mr 3.5 and mr 1 were being kids and walking around and i did my best to try and contain them to one spot. I was going to use a spot table to do this and was rudely advised that it was the way to the water station so couldn’t be blocked - fair enough i thought and promptly apologised. Mr 3.5 was lying on an outdoor wooden bench with his feet on the bench and the owner took exception to this and yelled out “no feet on the bench”! (Funny as i am pretty sure one of the images advertising this cafe has a kid standing on the same if not similar wooden bench:/) anyways, At this point we made the decision to go elsewhere as we were clearly not welcome - whether because of the kids or that i am a person of colour🤷‍♀️ nonetheless you need to work on your customer service skills or put a sign up stating that kids and/or people of colour are not welcome. Each or your “messages” could have been delivered politely but i suspect as soon as we arrived you had decided we were not welcome. We have had a standing fortnightly coffee date for the last year and this was the worst experience. In fact, in almost 20 years in australia and this is the first time i have felt unwelcome anywhere! Definitely won’t be returning or recommending this place, particularly when they are so many other welcoming coffee spots around the traps. Lucky that as we proceeded to have a fantastic coffee and morning elsewhere.

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