Plantation Coffee Roasters
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Reviews of Plantation Coffee Roasters

21 reviews · 1 follower · 7 years ago

Great service, very clean professional interior though still warm with the dark-wooden furniture. And a brilliant Latte. One of the top west end cafe's.. All the expected specialty coffee-style bells/whistles; La Marzocco, Mazzer grinders, single origin, Bean scene mags, but in this case, the owner/Barista actually blends and Roasts himself !! So if u want more than awesome coffee: perhaps some education; try it out!!

63 reviews · 58 followers · 7 years ago

For the full review and fabulous photos visit Plantation Coffee Roasters in West End is nestled away in the busy main strip … Somewhat low key and modest in appearance, a lot like its owner and roaster. As is often the case, one bean heads off as an advanced party to covertly scope out the upcoming venue. When the conversation turned to roasting and beans, the mild mannered host emerged from the coffee enthusiasm phone box as the transformed SupercoffeeMan. We chatted for ages and learned that Shaf created the signature blend for Shucked, before they switched to their current suppliers, which he has tweaked to create his house blend of Brazilian, Ugandan and Kenyan. With a 2 kg Has Garanti roaster off site, he regularly changes the single origin on offer, depending on what green beans are within reach and how whimsical he felt at roasting time. In essence he appears to revel in your delight of his coffee. Fast forward a few weeks and the 3 Brewders converged. We were serenaded by a local busker nearby as we waited for the door to be flung open. A new single origin and a new house blend greeted us … As well as a cheerful host! What to have? The coffee menu had Roost Coffee qualities about it. The single Brazil Daterra captured our attention and the La Marzocca extracted a latte, long black and a double double ristretto Shlong. Ahh the Shlong, not since Dandelion & Driftwood had the pleasure of the Shlong passed our lips. The Brazilian was punchy up front with a creamy mouthfeel that mellowed out at the finish. One bean was hoping for the single as a siphon but due to prep time, the siphon is saved for quieter times. At Plantation you’ll find simple decor, uncluttered surrounds and kind of a low key vibe … the coffee you’ll experience is anything but simple and low key. The blend was a real treat and the trinity provided the trio with a trifecta of grins. We found it difficult to sum up the coffee experience … Delightfully pleasant … Or pleasantly delightful? Try it and decide for yourself. Either way, Plantation coffee roasters in West End joins a long list of must visit places in the area.

1 review · 7 years ago

Couldn't stop after one doppio - had me buzzing all afternoon but the coffer was epic. Great staff who really know their stuff. Adds another dimension when you know they roast their own beans. Highly recommended.

436 reviews · 568 followers · 7 years ago

They serve very decent coffee but it tends to be a little too mild to my liking. If you love milder coffee, they do a great job. I tried Zambia as I had never seen single origin beans from the country, and asked for one. It was very creamy with a hint of citrus. It was a pleasurable experience. Guys there are all friendly. The atmosphere is not too bad, but I personally prefer real greens instead of plastic ones! If you are peckish, you can have a cup cake or muffin with your coffee for $5, which was not too bad too.

16 reviews · 3 followers · 7 years ago

Decent soy piccolo -- watch out: if you order a takeaway piccolo it's going to have more milk than you bargained for. Great position opposite Avid Books. You walk in and BeanScene is on the table, the smell is great, and the beans taste wonderful: not roasted too dark. Got me through my day!

5 reviews · 7 years ago

Superb coffee. Super nice staff. These guys roast their own beans and have never poured me a coffee that was not brilliant. They are passionate about what they do. Offer a great house blend and single origins. Highly recommend.

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