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reviewed One Drop Specialty Coffee

6 reviews · 3 years ago

One Drop has excellent bean selection, best-practice dosing, tamping and extraction so their espresso is excellent. Unfortunately, recently they've been lacking the same discipline in their milk. Take-away coffee, whether it's in their own disposable cups or a customer's reusable cup, often receives an unceremonious dumping of milk with the cup flat on the bench rather than a careful pour to balance the mixing of milk and coffee. This affects the taste and aesthetics and can produce an overly frothy and separated result. The dine-in coffees I've had, though, were done well. Most of the other cafés in the area are also doing the same thing with their milk, but they're not calling themselves 'specialty coffee' bars. It's a shame because they're nailing the espresso and I think that taking the time to give the same care to their take-away coffee as they do for dine-in would be worth it to provide a better product for their customers.

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