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For the full review and fabulous photos visit The striking colour scheme and decor are the first things that prepare your senses for the experience to come … And then the shiny 3 kg Has Garanti roasting the local blend … Mmmmm, what a smell. We were ushered to our table and the delightful Elijah introduced himself and was like our personal guide to the experience. Singles and blends to choose from … Three of us, three singles … Why not one each? With a description of the highlights of each origin, short blacks were our weapons of choice. The shorties were poured as ‘split’ double espressos, meaning we had a single shot. Elijah always pours double espressos through the monogrammed EXPOBAR and splits them so he can taste the shot to make sure it’s well extracted. Single 1. Kenyan Fortuna. Verdict: Really good … Smooth and definitely orange on the Uncle Joe’s colour scale but not a citrus. Single 2. Colombian. Verdict: Had a tangy bold ‘bite’ of coffee at the start and mellowed as it cooled. Single 3. PNG Kimmel. Verdict: YumfreakinO – creamy up front and a bright flavour at the finish. What an entrée! It was time for the Kenyan again … This time as a pour over … times 3. Orange was the colour of taste again but brighter than the espresso. The flavours intensified as the coffee cooled. Elijah conscientiously prepared the coffees and was very keen to discuss ideas and get feedback. He was keen to learn about the world of coffee, enjoys the science behind it and is working hard to develop his palate. This recent coffee roaster on the Brisbane scene brings Music to your taste buds. Just like Luciano Pavarotti hit the highest notes in the tenor range performing Nessun Dorma at the 1990 FIFA World Cup in Italy … The coffee and service at Nessun Dorma at Yeronga hit some high notes with Bean Brewding in 2013.

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