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17 reviews · 2 followers · 8 years ago

I popped into ltd this morning to check out what the fuss was about, I had 6 coffees over about an hour, including their famous cold press with espresso slammer which was great for a hot Brisbane day.. I didn't really want to leave this place, chilled atmosphere on brunswick and I would argue the best coffee in Brisbane. Luke is a top bloke and a real professional, and knows his blends.

72 reviews · 8 followers · 8 years ago

Luke is passionate and knowledgeable about his coffee. Had an espresso and it was balanced with a good body and smooth finish. He is rocking a Strada and a well equipped brew bar. Shop will look good once he finishes his fit out. Recommended.

436 reviews · 568 followers · 8 years ago

The passion for coffee exists here. The owner brews Cleanskin coffee perfectly. There is no lingering bitterness, well balanced of a slight sweetness, bitterness and acidity with depth. Lots of upgrades have been added to the shop. It looks very stylish now. The big tree painting designed by the owner on the wall gives you some feeling like you are in an oasis in busy Valley. One of the best in town.

77 reviews · 8 followers · 8 years ago

LTD is housed in a long, narrow shop space in Brunswick st/near Ivory. High ceilings, white walls - one dominated by the painting of a black tree. My macchiato was made with cleanskins Saint blend and my partner had a short black made on single origin of the day. Both were really enjoyable - there's a lot of passion for coffee imparted here!

6 reviews · 8 years ago

This was possibly the best coffee experience I have had. My mate and I walked in and Luke showed us a great time. He is so passionate about his coffee, he was explaining so much to us and very polite. We had a piccolo, 2 espressos and 2 pour overs each. We could not stop. Thankyou for an amazing experience!

5 reviews · 8 years ago

Walking into Ltd and seeing the La Marzocco Strada sitting proudly up front accompanied by two Mazzer Roburs it was evident that espresso is taken very seriously here. For those that this means nothing to, this coffee machine gives the barista control to dynamically change the pressure profile of each shot, and Luke (owner/barista) is certainly having fun experimenting with it. After showing some interest, Luke was more than happy to share some of his very extensive knowledge and experience with me. About 6 coffees later and at least an hour behind the machine with him, I walked away with what I can only describe as probably the most enlightening coffee experience I have ever had. It was amazing to see how by just altering the pressure profile alone can change the end result in the cup. The flavour is the same but the acidity, sweetness and overall mouth feel can vary significantly. I was very impressed of what was achieved from a 10-12g single basket - really low pressure for about 15 seconds with a ramp up to around 8 Bar, so sweet and balanced. Ltd also do manual methods like pour over and syphon (which I’m yet to try) and a great bottled iced coffee. I also tried a flat white to complete my experience and was again pleasantly surprised by the smoothness and richness. All beans on offer are from Cleanskin Coffee Co, which I believe Luke has a long history with. Luke is clearly passionate about coffee and experimenting but is mindful that it needs to translate into the cup. You won’t be disappointed… unless you want soy milk!

6 reviews · 8 years ago

No doubt this is in the top 3 of coffee in Brisbane. Lovely blends and single origins. This place is going to be a real hit! I go here every morning and I believe it's better than one drop!

16 reviews · 8 years ago

stumbled across this new espresso bar this weekend. serious barista rocking roburs and a strada, syphons and v60 pour overs. i must have had 6 espressos over the 2 days and each one was delicious. a must try for people who enjoy a well made coffee. Oh and espresso drinkers rejoice in $2 shots!

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