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Fonzie Abbott Espresso is one of those places that seem to transport you away from the mundane, even though it is located on the busy Racecourse Rd. The small ‘deck’ out the front provides the opportunity to look beyond the busyness to the blossoming poincianas and other places free from worry. The rustic timber decor gives the feel of Costa Rica … or Cuba. The Giesen Roaster looks like a character out of ‘Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends’ and sits inconspicuously inside, steaming into action every Wednesday to roast the Fonzie Abbot beans. The friendly staff said, ‘the smell of roasting coffee brings people out of the woodwork to converge on the cafe.’ It’s like when you smell onions on the BBQ, you can’t resist heading to the source and getting a burger. There is a great choice of beans – a single origin, a weekly blend and a seasonal blend. It was time for the WEGA to take over from the Giesen – we decided on 2 long macchiatos on the Brazilian Royal Reserve. And a Mocha on the weekly blend. Just as we were confirming the order, and whose shout, the barista repeated our order and said, ‘stay there, I’ll bring them out.’ Nice one! The macchiatos were chocolatey – a bold and velvety coffee that smoothed out nicely. We were still enjoying the coffee long after the cups were drained. The mocha was one of the richest in flavour we’ve consumed – the blend of Nicaraguan and Costa Rican offered strong chocolate flavours with a full-blooded South American coffee taste. With all the buzz around iced coffee, we then went for one black and one milk Fonzie Abbott version which is an espresso of your preferred blend. It is then shaken with ice, a hint of vanilla and sugar – ‘cocktail’ style. We went with the weekly blend, whilst a doppio on the Brazilian was the hot ‘shot’ on this round. The milk version was probably the pick of the two. When you’ve had cold drip or cold brew, there is level of flavour and enjoyment you get that cold espressos seem unable to capture. Having said that, if you have never had a black iced coffee, it would be a good entrée to ease you into the world of cold black coffee. The doppio was fantastic and just like coffees from our first round provided an abundance of rich and smooth flavours. You can buy Fonzie Abbott beans from the cafe or next door at Vagelis, where the distinctive rooster on the packaging resides, which itself is also distinctive. We thought Fonzie Abbott might be the name of the rooster but it’s the owners alter ego. The rooster is also spreading its wings and heading for a second location – word on the street is the street is Brunswick Street. It will be another wonderful addition to the Valley coffee scene. Whatever the street, Fonzie Abbott is a must do coffee experience.

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