Coffee Anthology

Opens at 7am

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Reviews of Coffee Anthology

1 review · 2 years ago

Amazing coffee!!! Service was super fast, they kept checking if everything is ok and go extra miles to answer any question on the coffee.

16 reviews · 2 years ago

Great selection of beans from the usual sources, but apart from that, nothing really drives me to choose this place over the other specialty ones within the CBD. Have tried to give them another go a number of times (both takeaway and dine in) but in the end it's not even worth it. All surface and no substance, highly overrated.

7 reviews · 2 years ago

Coffee wasn't the best and the service could have been better. The staff looked rushed and a bit disinterested. It was my first time here it was a bit off putting. Chances are that from the other great reviews that this may have been just a one off, I will give them another try.

4 reviews · 2 years ago

First review on here and this was my first cafe I visited today. Coffee was nice but tasted a little flat and cardboardy. Service was OK with the place fairly busy. Atmosphere is a little bland, nothing really special, typical cafe setting. Neat and clean though.

45 reviews · 2 years ago

Came here with great expectations but found it to be little disappointing after all the hype on here. Coffee was OK but nothing overly special. Lots of Cafes will meet this standard. Found the surrounds to be a little tired and could use attention. Service was a little clinical and lacked authenticity. Overall it felt like this place was good but there are much better offerings near by.

18 reviews · 2 years ago

Liked the coffee but I really disliked the service. Hi pitched yelling girls telling me coffee me to select option 1, 2, or 3. “That one is chocolaty and this one is sweet”. and then criticising my tasting saying I was wrong. Gosh, why can’t we know varieties and the processing used when we buy? These are so impactful to coffee flavour. Most don’t like buying ‘sweet’ or ‘dry’ wines preferring to know if its a chardonnay of sauvignon blanc. Why not the same with coffee? Time to grow up!

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