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Food and coffee are great but customer service and friendliness is always hit and miss. Some staff here are suited to customer service and others are just surly when customers are polite to them. One dumped my meal on the table and quickly turned on her heel before I could ask for some relish on the side that the same meal was served with previously, and not so much as a smile, a hi, just stone faced and unwelcoming. Later, a barista dumped my take away coffee on the counter and walked off.. I queried it with another unfriendly barista near her with the same unfriendly attitude. No smile no interest in my question from her either just a pause then a dead inside look on her face surly response then turned back away. I noticed while standing there that she was very friendly with another customer and smiled and said hello to him. (??) If you don't like customers or getting paid or are busy tailoring your concept of customer service based on their appearance seeing you don't even know them, go do something you're good at.

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2 years ago

Appreciate the time you have taken to provide us your feedback. The experience you received today is unacceptable and we endeavour to bring this to the attention of our staff members.

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