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Sunny courtyard seating. Staff were polite and friendly. I knew I was going to have a good cup when i ordered a picky and a mach to follow it up, and the barista hearing the order, looks up from the machine and gives me "the nod". Sumatran piccolo was smooth and reasonably bodied and tasted pretty great. However I did hope to see some milk art so minus 1 point. As requested, my Mach arrived a few minutes later and was sensational. Strong with a sweet nutty flavour. Perfectly extracted and perfect temperature. I went back in to say thanks to the barista who turns out to be the owner, Chris, who roasts his own beans under the label "Redback". I left with a bag of the panama and tried it at 7 days after roasting, which might have been too early as it was ok but lacked complexity and tasted like it had a touch of robusta. Some more bean origin info would be great such as specific origin location, % blend or SO, bean varietal, and roasting method and date. Thanks Chris. I will be back for sure.

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