Coffee Culture (Bowral)

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Reviews of Coffee Culture (Bowral)

37 reviews · 5 months ago

I won’t be returning to this cafe. Firstly the soy cappuccino was very weak. I requested another shot which the owner threw into my cup rather than letting me add to taste. Because it went to the other extreme - too bitter he removed the cup and made a fresh cup of coffee. Not a great improvement so I left without finishing.

7 reviews · 6 years ago

Decided to give them one last go. On the surface la marzzco machine locally roasted coffee should be great ordered a double ris then sore the barista bash out the portafilter and go for the next shot without wiping it out and no purging of the machine. As a result bitter ashtray tasting coffee that was un drinkable.NEVER AGAIN!

36 reviews · 1 follower · 6 years ago

Had a macchiato, not very bright in flavours, quite plain. Spacious and kid friendly, which is the main reason I chose this place (rather than the other higher rated cafés). Service is quite friendly.

3 reviews · 2 followers · 7 years ago

Great coffee roasted by Chris. Varieties change daily. Very quick service and consistent high quality is one of best in Bowral. Good cafe food menu too with daily specials and kitchen.

299 reviews · 471 followers · 7 years ago

so i wandered down the lane to this cafe not really expecting much, my Brother who lives in Bowral says this place is popular with the locals. i ordered an espresso, the staff were keen to please, barista was in need of a readjustment with his process, i can honestly say it has been some time since i have seen a barista take such little care in the steps to produce an espresso. the resulting coffee exemplified that process.

124 reviews · 14 followers · 8 years ago

Sunny courtyard seating. Staff were polite and friendly. I knew I was going to have a good cup when i ordered a picky and a mach to follow it up, and the barista hearing the order, looks up from the machine and gives me "the nod". Sumatran piccolo was smooth and reasonably bodied and tasted pretty great. However I did hope to see some milk art so minus 1 point. As requested, my Mach arrived a few minutes later and was sensational. Strong with a sweet nutty flavour. Perfectly extracted and perfect temperature. I went back in to say thanks to the barista who turns out to be the owner, Chris, who roasts his own beans under the label "Redback". I left with a bag of the panama and tried it at 7 days after roasting, which might have been too early as it was ok but lacked complexity and tasted like it had a touch of robusta. Some more bean origin info would be great such as specific origin location, % blend or SO, bean varietal, and roasting method and date. Thanks Chris. I will be back for sure.

23 reviews · 1 follower · 9 years ago

I decided to drop by whilst in Bowral. It was generally a good experience-the staff were friendly and informative, there was a nice atmosphere and the service was timely. The coffee was okay-it was brewed from Colombian beans and had a nice, nutty aftertaste, but it did have a slightly hard, musty undertone which wasn't particularly pleasant-could have been a taint or the way the coffee was stored, I'm not sure. On the upside (and I haven't taken this into account in the 'rate the coffee' function), I bought a packet of their freshly roasted Sumatran Mandheling 'Kuda Mas' beans that have been making absolutely divine coffee on the home machine-wonderfully deep and resonant, with a delightful spiced earth aftertaste. They had a nice range of single origins for sale, which is to be commended.

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