Top Cafes of 2016 - Blue Mountains

We’ve run the numbers! Here are the best cafes of 2016 in Blue Mountains, voted by real coffee lovers.

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Best cafe Anonymous in blue-mountains for 2016

I had a double shot FW, which was delicious. It was strong but not the least bitter. Food also great also but both were overshadowed by rude, unfriendly waitresses.

I’ve had a shot at a few long blacks and espresso’s. Coffee is quite over extracted. have minimum of $10 for card, and staff aren’t the greatest. Not a bad cafe just wouldn’t be my local.

Best cafe Thunderbird in blue-mountains for 2016




Best cafe Cassiopeia in blue-mountains for 2016

Rather tasty espresso went down well - nicely balanced. Take away flat white was also well made - nice.

Love love love this place. Always pop in here when I am visiting the mountains. Unfortunately can't get her as much as I'd like to. Definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.

Used to love the coffee here. Been back the last 2 days and both days the coffee was watery and weak. Pretty disappointing.

Best cafe The Elephant Bean in blue-mountains for 2016

Friendly staff and good coffee - medium strength. We ordered for a team of 10 and everyone rated the coffee.

An unappealing space offering little to no comfort or amenity. I was informed by the barista (who looked like he’d just arrived at work, unwashed and bleary eyed, from an all night rave party), that they don’t offer a morning paper to their customers. I left, bought a paper and had my coffee up the road instead. I foolishly decided to try again in the evening only to be served an insipid cappuccino, weak, tepid and lacking in foam. I give up!!




Best cafe 2773  in blue-mountains for 2016


DBL Ristretto


Best cafe DBL Ristretto in blue-mountains for 2016

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