Top Cafes of 2016 - Blue Mountains

We’ve run the numbers! Here are the best cafes of 2016 in Blue Mountains, voted by real coffee lovers.

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Best cafe Anonymous in blue-mountains for 2016

Great place, excellent atmosphere. Coffee was outstanding - we stopped for coffee and ended up eating. The pumpkin soda bread was soooo good (prompted by another Beanhunter reviewer who said “it was to die for”)! Worth commenting on again and again. And the brioche French toast even better. It was Sunday of a long weekend and the cafe was flat out so service, although nice enough, was a little curt. Alway difficult to meet that balance. But Anonymous is #1 in Blue Mountains for good reason. Highly recommended!

The trouble with reading great reviews first is its hard for a cafe to live up to my expectations. Firstly I thought they closed at 4pm but it’s 3pm ... arrived with 5 mins to spare and they were ok about it but could be Whyte coffee wasn’t up to perhaps normal. No froth on my cappuccino despite asking for more - but it looked great, temp good, creamy texture and nice small cup.

OK for a Campos coffee. My flat white didn't come out with my favourite flavour. Pokey & crowded inside at a holiday time. Cakes & slices looked good.

Best cafe Thunderbird in blue-mountains for 2016

Solid coffee and service, definitely worth it!




Best cafe Cassiopeia in blue-mountains for 2016

Deserves its good rating. Coffee excellent and service terrific. Matches those we tried in Sydney

Weekend away at the Blue Mountains wouldn't be complete without a visit to Cassiopeia. Only wish I could visit more regularly.

Service was great, but the coffee was even better!

Best cafe The Elephant Bean in blue-mountains for 2016

What a cute cafe and excellent service. Despite high expectations the coffee didn’t disappoint me either:) Right size cup, creamy, frothy, and extra chocolate that I ordered :)

Solid coffee in a pleasant shop with great service

Nice place but coffee was weaker than expected




Best cafe 2773  in blue-mountains for 2016

“cold brew” ($7.50)!? That’s a joke, the refused to make and iced long black. Instead they insisted on a cold brew, which is pre made in a bottle for $7.50 and it’s not raven nice.

Service and food is great at this joint, but you pay for the experience. Had a great kids area with animals which draws the mums in like flys. Coffee ??? ‘Green bean’ on site roaster. The coffee is the only let down at this place. With two top shelf baristas / cafes within 20 meters. Take some advice and take a walk to the church cafe down the road or kickaboom across the road after you finish eating.

They have really done great job to give a fantastic atmosphere in all climates Food is excellent with lots of options And the coffee match’s the best in the area


DBL Ristretto


Best cafe DBL Ristretto in blue-mountains for 2016

Best cafe The Red Door Cafe in blue-mountains for 2016

What an amazing place! Excellent welcome and service. Cake we had was beautifully presented and tasted awesome. The coffee ... perfect !!

Heavy smell of cooking in the cafe which wasn’t good for those just wanting coffee. Flat White was lacking in any significant coffee flavour. It was just like warm milky water. Service was friendly and effective.

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