Top Cafes of 2016 - Blue Mountains

We’ve run the numbers! Here are the best cafes of 2016 in Blue Mountains, voted by real coffee lovers.

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Best cafe Anonymous in blue-mountains for 2016

Espresso was a bit too bitter for my preference. I suspect it's more a bean for milk coffee. No sparkling mineral water either. Water is available.

Bustling warm and inviting. Very smooth coffee. Delicious bread and eggs. Il visit again.

Campos espresso was not bad, a bit murkily bitter but could still see some mild acidity and sweetness in there somewhere. There was a nice sweetness to the milk in the flat white to-go, temperature was also good

Best cafe Thunderbird in blue-mountains for 2016

Great coffee and the food is excellent. It has a nice hole in the wall feel to the point where I don't have to wear the paper bag over my head. It's good to see a barista with appropriate facial hair. Seven and four seventh thumbs up! /@$

Solid coffee and service, definitely worth it!




Best cafe Cassiopeia in blue-mountains for 2016

Much more coffee focussed than the alternatives we researched in Katoomba. Funky, simple decor and warm on a cold day. Wish they had a breakfast menu.

Best cafe The Elephant Bean in blue-mountains for 2016

Coffee today was excellent, well above average. Beans on toast also good. Small cafe, not too shiny, nice atmosphere.

Quaint little place with heaps of personality. Coffee was so so. Light & short taste. Good temperature of milk yet a bit weak in flavour.

Very relaxed vibe, exceptional soy lattes.....well balanced with coffee cutting through soy very well. Hazelnut fruit toast quite a treat too. Last time I was here was a few years ago and it's still a little gem!




Best cafe 2773  in blue-mountains for 2016

I like the coffee here and I think it's better than at "The Church" across the road (I don't understand why they need so many coffee houses at Glenbrook, perhaps a fight to the death would be an appropriate way to sort this out). The atmosphere wasn't great, way too many kids tripping over my tentacles and giving me strange looks. Freaks are allowed to leave the house too! Points off for too many children but good coffee. Five and three fifth thumbs up /@$

Great coffee, friendly staff, awesome cakes! Also a great place for pizza or dinner... we will be back!

Amazing food, amazing coffee, very good service and the prices are pretty reasonable! Love it, worth the stop over on your way to Sydney or blue mountain


DBL Ristretto


Best cafe DBL Ristretto in blue-mountains for 2016

Excellent tasting coffee. Service is good. They need to bring the nourish bowls back on the menu. Seven and three quarter thumbs up /@$

Great cafe - very fast despite huge queue for coffee. Coffee was very good, and the food was good too - best avocado smash I've had for a long time.

Great coffee and a great spot to stop halfway down the hill.

Best cafe The Red Door Cafe in blue-mountains for 2016

My flat white was smooth with no bitterness, but maybe it was just a tad weak. Despite that I enjoyed it and ordered a 2nd :- The waitress serving the tables was great. She seemed happy and had a lovely warm smile. I confess that I love their rhubarb porridge and this keeps me coming back whenever I am passing through the Blue Mountains. ;-D

The coffee is really good in the Red Door. The latte was smooth with a rich caramel flavour. Best of the cafe's we tried in Leura

What an amazing place! Excellent welcome and service. Cake we had was beautifully presented and tasted awesome. The coffee ... perfect !!