Top Cafes of 2016 - Bendigo

We’ve run the numbers! Here are the best cafes of 2016 in Bendigo, voted by real coffee lovers.

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El Gordo

Bendigo CBD

Best cafe El Gordo in bendigo for 2016

Everything about El Gordo was so promising - the beautiful little laneway, such a surprise in Bendigo's often bland retail landscape, the warm friendly welcome and excellent service, the "No. 1 in Bendigo" rating... Pity the coffee let it down - my espresso was bitter and thin, my partner's latté no better - these were not terrible coffees, but they were not good either. Ok, a top café should never let its standards drop, and I frequent several places in Melbourne and even a couple in nearby Castlemaine where I have never had a bad coffee - so to be fair I went back to El Gordo a few days later to try again. Sadly, the two espressos were not even as good as the first time. The search continues... I have yet to have a really good coffee in Bendigo, but I have many more places to try.

Coffee was terrible needs serious work was so so sour and then the second one was watery... figure that El Gordo?

Best cafe Old Green Bean in bendigo for 2016

New owners have managed to, so far, keep the coffee as good as it was and the service is still great.

Superb. What more to say. When you see a place that is just about coffee and has a continuous line of customers and obviously dedicated staff you can have high expectations and. And they did not let me down. The map directions on Beanhunter aren't correct. Ok on Google maps.




Best cafe Cortille in bendigo for 2016

“The one with the caravan in it” More than just a pretty face, Cortille is nailing some great coffee and great food. Plenty of good seating inside and pleasant spots out front, they really do the AXIL Coffee justice. To find a fault is that it’s noisy, the floors, walls, ceilings don’t do much to dampen the sound of the chatter ... so don’t take your nanna here or she’ll struggle.

Axil Coffee you are not doing this awesome little cafe it's own justice give them a decent coffee to serve or some more training. Great venue just missing that mouth smacking coffee!

Best cafe Get Naked Espresso Bar in bendigo for 2016

Coffee was good bit served too cold. Should have asked for a little warmer

Coffee was good and consistent but very small tight space, staff missing that cheerfulness and for such a shop with so many other venues why not roast your own coffee....

Best cafe Brewhouse Coffee Roasters in bendigo for 2016

I rarely make it to Bendigo, but when I'm here, my first stop is always this cafe. Smiling service and good coffee.