Cafe De 'Oro

Open until 4pm

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Reviews of Cafe De 'Oro

1 review · 7 years ago

Definitely my favourite cafe in Ballarat. I was impressed with my large latte and the service provided by the staff. I have had lunch numerous times at Cafe De Oro over the last few years and have always had an enjoyable meal. It has a good atmosphere and unlike other cafes, the staff do not constantly harass you asking if you want extra drinks etc. Only downside is that the cafe closes at 2pm which is rather early really.

12 reviews · 8 years ago

So while driving to the bean barn to grab a takeaway we noticed this place and that it had a Cartel sticker. We got excited. After ordering my coffees and checking out their stock I realised there was no Cartel beans to be seen. They now use Bendigo bean roasters. A good takeaway coffee but it's no cartel.

18 reviews · 8 years ago

have now noticed a few people pouring here. I think that 2/3 know what they are doing. a lot of admiration for these guys sourcing some of Victoria's finest beans roasted by cartel roasters. the bean barn, self proclaimed specialty coffee is a long way behind in terms of quality of bean.

18 reviews · 8 years ago

good to see a Ballarat cafe sourcing quality beans. Surprised this place isn't more well known to locals, then again they probably couldn't handle too much change. Hopefully these guys keep pushing with Cartel.

6 reviews · 9 years ago

I'm must be a sucker for punishment. In a hurry grabbed a take away and then I have to remind myself that "it's only coffee, Don't get so upset"... "I've not being diagnosed with some mystery illness" ... No just a mystery cup of brown water!

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