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We’ve run the numbers! Here are the best cafes of 2016 in Australia, voted by real coffee lovers.

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Told You So

North Lakes

Best cafe Told You So in australia for 2016

Wow. Christmas blend is outstanding in milk, espresso or on filter. Makes good plunger at home too. Cheers guys. Great as usual

What an awesome little find. Seem to be the only place with decent coffee open on Boxing Day. A cold drip ice long black went down a treat. First time my wife had a flat white on macadamia milk. A little on a weak side for a double shot but super creamy.

Best cafe Espresso House Windsor in australia for 2016

Simple- coffee always good, food fantastic. Prices , same as anybody else. Service, better than anybody else. Just visit and see for yourself.

Best cafe The Lodge in australia for 2016

You really can't beat this place, the coffee is an absolute delight. I want to take a bath in it.

This is right up there. It's out of my way when heading north and parking can suck but the coffee is in the top range. Can't give you a detailed taste explanation... it's just good. The people and place are also good but I only give scores based on the main thing: the coffee. It doesn't get much better. I've had similarly good but I don't think I've had better.

Nice place, was a real surprise for the Burbs. Coffee was nice and some good food options.

Best cafe Kai Coffee in australia for 2016

This is my kind of coffee shop, and fits in perfectly with the Sunshine Coast ethos. Relaxing, fun and delicious are my three words I'd use to describe my experience. I'm on the coast often, so I'm sure that this will become a regular spot for me. Keep up the excellent work peeps!

Great coffee. Great staff. Super helpful!! Love what you guys are doing.


Shawty's Espresso


Best cafe Shawty's  Espresso in australia for 2016

Specialty coffee and good eats!

Tried the house roast and had a perfectly extracted espresso. Brodie’s knowledge and artisan ability was outstanding. He was nice enough to split the El Salvadoran single origin with me (free of charge). Definitely recommend and will come back.

Fabulous coffee, and great staff. Thanks guys.

Nice coffee but ridiculously difficult to find a park. Cars were illegally parked and getting ticketed while we waited.


Door 34


Best cafe Door 34 in australia for 2016

Excellent long black. Great attention to detail from the staff. Friendly service.

Excellent flat white. Slight wait while adjusting the grinder but worth the time.

This place is really worthwhile visiting. I live locally so I’m here every so often. The owner (I wish I knew his name) is always so friendly and enthusiastic about what he does. It rubs or onto the staff too - really enjoyable and knowledgeable. And they brew a delicious double espresso!


Cup From Above

Fortitude Valley

Best cafe Cup From Above in australia for 2016

Cup From Above is a social enterprise. 100% from every cup you purchase from here helps create a better community.


Day Made


Best cafe Day Made in australia for 2016

Went for coffee and brunch with a friend but was disappointed with their very small food menu, which lacked any gluten free options. Not even the option of gf bread. The coffee was pretty average as well, so probably wouldn’t go back.

Every time I am back in Brisbane I head straight here. Always the most delicious filters - so nice to see such a heavy focus on soft brews. Also can’t go past a 1+1 of whatever tasty single they’re offering on espresso. Best vibes.

Nice funky coffee shop. Sells one of the best coffee brands available. Had one nice coffee and one passable coffee today. Not sure what they are doing, but consistency is key. Service was blah.

Best cafe Zabe Espresso Bar in australia for 2016

Still good consistent coffee, and service. Best in Tewantin!

Great coffee - flavour, texture & heat. Relaxing atmosphere & friendly staff.


Plug Nickel


Best cafe Plug Nickel in australia for 2016

Hands down, this is the best coffee in Melbourne, if not Australia. Barista are uber friendly and knowledgeable.

Good coffee but surprisingly mine was not great, just not enough strength for my liking. Still based on its reputation this was more a blip.

The espresso is very aromatic and the choice of the beans are very spot-on! They offer great ranges of DIY kit and instruction for all coffee lovers!

Best cafe The Chapel in australia for 2016

Cafe, Roastery, Bar & Music Venue. Situated in a restored 1890's Chapel. "A beautiful space where community is valued and proactively built"

Cute coffee shop, nice ambience. Double shot flat whites were excellent. I visited three times in one day and they lose points because they gave me a hard time when I complained that my iced latte was sweet even though I had asked for just ice, coffee and milk. Instead of just making me another one two lady staff members insisted that that’s just the way they make iced lattes and one said she could never drink one without sugar. Well that may be the case but it’s the only cafe I’ve been to (and I live between Bondi and Hobart) where an iced latte has been sweet. Plus I did describe what I wanted. And it was our fifth coffee that day so surely I deserved to be treated nicely. Also they never once offered my little dog water. But then there didn’t seem to be any pet friendly coffee shops in Burnie. Even though I was disappointed in my final experience I’d still say it looks like the best place for coffee in Burnie.

Excellent in-house-roasted coffee was complimented with a really well thought out menu and super friendly service. Thanks guys, you made our trip to Tassie complete.

Best cafe Pablo & Rusty's Brisbane in australia for 2016

Been coming here quite regularly for my early milk-based hit, with the occasional batch brew every now and then. One of the best in this part of the CBD, and plus they sometime stock the best caramel slice I've ever tasted.

Best cafe Vilicia Coffee in australia for 2016

Proud Mary Honduran double espresso was a flavoursome cup that opened up in cooling to some blackcurrant’y action - nice.

Back again, this time the Proud Mary espresso was a natural Ethiopian, it had a more bitter edge with some mild orange - pretty good

Best cafe Fox Street Factory  in australia for 2016

👌🏻 my favourite of all of Brisbane

Superb coffee and food, excellent friendly service - the people here genuinely want you to have a positive experience. Top notch.

Best cafe Espresso Room Hyperdome in australia for 2016

Best cafe Cafe Without A Name in australia for 2016

Espresso on house blend (mix of Columbians) had a thick crema, was underwhelmingly bitter to start, did go a bit dark choc on cooking but not up there with some of the shots I’ve had here.

Don’t know what all the fuss is about with this place? My flat white was honestly a little burnt and my wife’s soy cap was overheated so the milk separated. Had high hopes but was really disappointed...


First Coffee Co

Wellington Point

Best cafe First Coffee Co in australia for 2016

Hole In The Wall. Specialty Coffee. Dog Friendly. Cycling Friendly. Since 2015.

Omg how is this hole in the wall rated best anything. I expected great things and was extremely disappointed :(

Great concept store. Great coffee and excellent service. So glad to find this gem ahead of a big day!

Great hole in the wall using modern equipment, exceptional product, as well as sustainable consumables. Great representation of speciality coffee standards! Thank you, I loved my House FW & Colombian Batch Brew. Don’t be fooled by the beanhunter map showing location in the water! You’ll find this gem operating out of a window in the V1 Cyclery shop on the corner of Christina St & Main St.

Best cafe The Chamber Room Espresso & Brew Bar in australia for 2016

An adults only Espresso & Brew Bar where a coffee coma is possible...

Awesome spot for coffee enthusiasts, really nice pour overs. Using Melbourne roasters, good for filter and espresso drinkers

Coffee and atmo is awesome. Don’t take your kids.

Was hard to find but my long black was good. Limited food and quite pricey for what you get.

Best cafe Sing Sing Espresso in australia for 2016

Coffee is ok. Good atmosphere in the cafe and the staff are nice.

Cool vibes - love the location,fit out and tasty food options. Coffee is not always consistent though and not quite at the caliber I would expect as number 1 in Cairns.

Excellent coffee and atmosphere, the equal of Melbourne or Sydney. Nice quiet laneway setting.

Best cafe LB2 Specialty Coffee in australia for 2016

LB2 Cafe is a boutique coffee shop in Melbourne CBD, serving up Axil and Cartel Coffee.

My third visit to LB2. They all seem very friendly and welcoming. willing to have a bit of a coffee chat. The options of blends and single origins are great. They seemed a bit busy which may have accounted for the over textured froth on top of my flat white. This was replaced for free when highlighted. But was still not great. Worth a visit, but a little disappointed.

Cool place tucked away off a smaller road. Good drop of the black stuff

Cartel always amazing! I tasted the ARICHA beans from Ethiopia. A sweet and fruity double espresso, the finish was just amazing. This time I didn’t waste the taste of it with soy milk!!! Really busy as usual and smily faces around.

Best cafe Maker Fine Coffee in australia for 2016

Super refreshing Carbonated Coffee hit the spot on a hot day. Bit of a hidden gem down a Richmond side street worth a visit for the lovely coffee and service.

Best cafe One Origin Specialty Coffee in australia for 2016

Finally found a decent coffee in Melbourne. If you appreciate good coffee this is the place for you.

Best cafe Big Bad Wolff in australia for 2016

Came here in the morning and got an espresso tasting plate. Both were interesting flavours with excellent bodies and great balance. will return

Coffee was lovely with a great depth from front to back. Service staff were lovely and very tolerant of our chit Lin’s. No AC made it a bit steamy.

Best cafe Black Market Espresso Bar in australia for 2016

Black Market Espresso Bar - Clandestino Coffee Espresso Bar. Passionate about crafting brilliant consistent coffee. Ground fresh and weighed for each and every cup. Providore of locally baked pastries, sliders, & cakes. We're very Pet Friendly (and likely to run out to meet your four legged friends)! We're also WiFi enabled!Coffee: Clandestino Roasters Equipment: La Marzocco Linea PB and 3 Mazzer Grinders


Flick n Beans

Bowen Hills

Best cafe Flick n Beans in australia for 2016

Really good coffee, with some tasty treats if u feel the need. Always kind service from the team here..

Great cap, nice flavor smooth 😊

Best cafe Ground Up Espresso Bar in australia for 2016

Can't beat the best! My absolute favourite in Toowoomba, I've never been a big fan of Tobys Estate, but these guys seem to be able to make it work ;) Quirky decor and plenty of friendly smiling faces! Well done crew

The best in Toowoomba. Constantly good coffee every time. Great atmosphere and staff are all lovely.

Ground up is easily the best coffee in Toowoomba and now with the change to Blackboard, it’s even better. Fantastic atmosphere and service.

Best cafe Sherwood Coffee Bar in australia for 2016

The Urban dictionaries definition of ‘good vibes’ should be The Sherwood Coffee Bar. A neat little hole in the wall, a hidden gem in the coastal town of Newcastle. The staff take pride in their coffee, their service & their environmentally savvy philosophy is a fresh breath to this hustling world. The place to be

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Great coffee, great service, great food and atmosphere! This place is a winner! I've been here several times and it is one of my favourite places in Newcastle to get coffee. Smooth blend. Can be enjoyed as an espresso or with milk. Service here is always so welcoming and friendly. Thanks Sherwood, you guys are amazing!

The coffee has character- being a bit on the bit chocolate-y side of things. The service is excellent and the place has a nice vibe- and someplace to sit comfortably which is a bonus. I'd be quite happy if the Sherwood was my 'local' but generally prefer my coffee with a little more bite.

Best cafe First Fruits Coffee in australia for 2016

Coffee is on POINT! These guys know what they're doing. Have experienced all that they have to offer, filter, espresso and food. Which has all been exceptional. I'll be looking forward to my next Tweed HEads visit

Unexpected location which we normally wouldn't choose but they've made a fairly comfortable space. Coffee was great and staff were very accommodating bringing water for the dog.

Best cafe Coffee Anthology in australia for 2016

Liked the coffee but I really disliked the service. Hi pitched yelling girls telling me coffee me to select option 1, 2, or 3. “That one is chocolaty and this one is sweet”. and then criticising my tasting saying I was wrong. Gosh, why can’t we know varieties and the processing used when we buy? These are so impactful to coffee flavour. Most don’t like buying ‘sweet’ or ‘dry’ wines preferring to know if its a chardonnay of sauvignon blanc. Why not the same with coffee? Time to grow up!

I like taste profile words to be plain, so FOB like me can understand. I don't drink wine, because it was too previlliged for me to bother.

Another perfect set of coffees matched by exceptional service. Ethiopian on an espresso and two magics.

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