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Told You So

North Lakes

Best cafe Told You So in australia for 2016

Awesome little joint, totally deserving its high ranking. Very hip, attentive service, superb coffee. It's out of the way and a little hard to spot from outside - but absolutely worth finding.

Nice atmosphere. Brilliant coffee. Great service.

Went to 'TYS Thursdays' last Thursday night and it was AWESOME. Great vibe. Excellent coffee and service. The food trucks were fantastic. Highly recommend Told You So.

Best cafe Espresso House Windsor in australia for 2016

Below average coffee, very watery flat white, either grind/flow of steam are not set up right. Courtyard is nice to sit in with a good atmosphere for a saturday morning.

Well I have returned to espresso house to try them again after reading some harsh reviews and I have to say they are still serving awesome coffee and food. Come and judge for yourself is all I can say.

Coffee is smooth, not particularly strong. Service is hot and cold. Prices are on the expensive side. Lovely old shop but not well ventilated - can be stuffy and hot.

Best cafe The Lodge in australia for 2016

Really nice selection of coffee, fantastic breakfast! Good service and atmosphere. Will come back.

The soy coffee was not good and it gave me a tummy ache.

Great coffee! Generous servings of fresh food with friendly service. Not usually in this neck of the woods; really enjoyed it.

Best cafe Kai Coffee in australia for 2016

Good coffee. Not the best customer service (takes them a while to acknowledge you're there). Setting is nice but it's more suited for a workshop/roasting rather than a proper cafe. It's more of a coffee takeaway place. Wouldn't recommend it as a meeting place. Would be great if they could subscribe to the local newspaper and have something for you to read while you wait.

Always amazing, always super friendly, super consistent coffee. They always have a great range of beans available for take home as well. The smells and sounds in this place alone make the trip worthwhile! A must do on the Sunshine Coast.

Top notch!! If you haven't been, get yourself down here and see what you've been missing!


Shawty's Espresso


Best cafe Shawty's  Espresso in australia for 2016

Specialty coffee and good eats!

Very cool cafe, with great coffee. The service is as good as I've ever experienced in Australia and always happy for a chat. Would 100% recommend and very glad I stumbled on this cafe.

Awesome coffee. Single origin is spectacular. Hard to find a park but well worth it!


Door 34


Best cafe Door 34 in australia for 2016

Tanzanian espresso had a darker edged caramel feel - nice. FW to-go was mild but went down well.

Loved the Silver Skin! Very smooth. Thank you for my 50c discount for my KeepCup too. Will def be back to this cute little cafe with the handy little window servery, when I'm passing through Cardiff again.


Cup From Above

Fortitude Valley

Best cafe Cup From Above in australia for 2016

Cup From Above is a social enterprise. 100% from every cup you purchase from here helps create a better community.


Day Made


Best cafe Day Made in australia for 2016

Great selection of baked goods. Coffee was above average. Nice decor. Worth a try but there is tough competition in town.

The day I tried a One on One— Experiences are created through your emotions, thoughts, actions and senses going on a journey. My tastebuds certainly gained an unmistakable experience. What is a One on One, you may ask? An espresso and a milk based coffee of choice. Served in ceramic cups, the espresso was partnered by my selection of a latte. Imagine visually a line of intensity—the flavour palette of the beans hitting hard, softened by the milky wonder in contrast. A journey you need to experience. Enlightening my soul, Day Made by Coffee Supreme has become a location of choice.

I visited Day Made a few times since opening. They take care of coffee and very serious about coffee they offer. Food is really good, and decor and atmosphere is nice and relaxed. Unfortunately, waiting time can be very long, particularly on weekend, and customers are expected to know coffee well. My partner had a trouble to place our order as I asked him to get a few coffees for me, and found the staff members were not so helpful. If you are in a hurry, or have some limited time, I would not recommend Day Made, but if you have a time, and wish to enjoy good coffee in a beautiful settings, this cafe is really good. Coffees I have had so far, were all good and very enjoyable, and the selection of music is also very good.

Best cafe Zabe Espresso Bar in australia for 2016

I came here today (Thursday) at about 11am for the 1st time... what a find!! The atmosphere was fantastic and the coffee was spot on. I would love to come here on a weekend. I would happily make the journey from brisbane to visit again. Great little place, keep up the good work.


Plug Nickel


Best cafe Plug Nickel in australia for 2016

Super solid spot. White coffee here is something pretty special. Espresso is consistently good, and their cold options are rad. Coffee cherry soda in summer is what dreams are made of

It was a less than 5min walks from my Airbnb house, which is the decision i would cherish through out my stay in Collingwood. You just gotta try their current espresso blend. That raspberry taste is SOMETHING. Tried in Piccolo and Cappuccino, both still showcase how strong the flavor are, it show some sweet as well. Nice balance! I have taken the liberty to take home this beans. They got indoor and outdoor seating area, both in tiny space, nevertheless it's never that crowd so you definitely will get a space to sit or just sit on the park across the cafe.

Long black was not too acidic, not too bitter, good balanced with stone fruit flavors. Always a surprise to taste what can do talented baristas with good beans well roasted.

Best cafe The Chapel in australia for 2016

Cafe, Roastery, Bar & Music Venue. Situated in a restored 1890's Chapel. "A beautiful space where community is valued and proactively built"

Awesome location matching the excellent coffee... had 2 x Picollo lattes and a double shot latte... cheers for the friendly service 👍

Cute coffee shop, nice ambience. Double shot flat whites were excellent. I visited three times in one day and they lose points because they gave me a hard time when I complained that my iced latte was sweet even though I had asked for just ice, coffee and milk. Instead of just making me another one two lady staff members insisted that that’s just the way they make iced lattes and one said she could never drink one without sugar. Well that may be the case but it’s the only cafe I’ve been to (and I live between Bondi and Hobart) where an iced latte has been sweet. Plus I did describe what I wanted. And it was our fifth coffee that day so surely I deserved to be treated nicely. Also they never once offered my little dog water. But then there didn’t seem to be any pet friendly coffee shops in Burnie. Even though I was disappointed in my final experience I’d still say it looks like the best place for coffee in Burnie.

Best cafe Pablo & Rusty's Brisbane in australia for 2016

Yep, a quality coffee. Enjoyed the FW here today. Very similar to coffee provided at the Sydney City store. Nice that consistency and quality is present across the brand.

Best cafe Vilicia Coffee in australia for 2016

A return customer and a big fan of coffee here!

Best cafe Fox Street Factory  in australia for 2016

👌🏻 my favourite of all of Brisbane

Superb coffee and food, excellent friendly service - the people here genuinely want you to have a positive experience. Top notch.

Best cafe Cafe Without A Name in australia for 2016

Great coffee, very friendly staff, cool vibe. Did I mention that the coffee is great?

Great coffee with warm and friendly service to match. A hidden gem as it is certainly in an odd place. Definitely will be back.


First Coffee Co

Wellington Point

Best cafe First Coffee Co in australia for 2016

Hole In The Wall. Specialty Coffee. Dog Friendly. Cycling Friendly. Since 2015.

Nothing but positive energy for this joint. The friendliest people creating nectar heaven in ceramic cups, a cold filter so clean and refreshing, wow wow wow wow wow.

Omg how is this hole in the wall rated best anything. I expected great things and was extremely disappointed :(

Great concept store. Great coffee and excellent service. So glad to find this gem ahead of a big day!

Best cafe The Chamber Room Espresso & Brew Bar in australia for 2016

An adults only Espresso & Brew Bar where a coffee coma is possible...

Interesting and a definite must to visit if you like your coffee.

Coffee was below average but the dairy free cakes were amazing. Nice and cool vibe

Best cafe Sing Sing Espresso in australia for 2016

These guys respect the bean. Seasonal blend of mainly Brazilian and Columbian roasted up the road in Port Douglas. Exquisite ristretto. Smooth sweet. Excellent crema. Partner's latte was also great.

Coffee was washed out and half of it was foam. After spooning it out, which I've never done, I wanted to taste what Cairns #1 has to offer. Can taste the potential in the beans, but it didn't deliver.

Best cafe LB2 Specialty Coffee in australia for 2016

LB2 Cafe is a boutique coffee shop in Melbourne CBD, serving up Axil and Cartel Coffee.

Best Coffee in town, Been a while since I've been here back working in the area love it that they are using Cartel place has only gotten better.

Silky washed Columbian espresso from Axil on a large volume, had a lovely citrus feel - seriously good. Flatty traveller had spot on texture, taste and temp

The best on a Saturday morning.. they have a huge selection of single origins on pour over. Helen is lovely!

Best cafe Hamptons Espresso Buderim in australia for 2016

One of my favs to grab a double shot latte on the go. Consistently great coffee that is smooth and vibrant in flavour. This place is the bomb. 👌

Best cafe Maker Fine Coffee in australia for 2016

Super refreshing Carbonated Coffee hit the spot on a hot day. Bit of a hidden gem down a Richmond side street worth a visit for the lovely coffee and service.

Best cafe One Origin Specialty Coffee in australia for 2016

A little disappointed. Staff seemed off today and a little disinterested. Maybe a one off but sad for my first visit

This is the best coffee you'll find in SE Melbourne, and it's great. My partner and I travel here from Hampton East each weekend to enjoy the strong but smooth flat whites. Perfect.

First impression was that there people take their coffee very seriously. A blend and a Guatemalan single origin from Axil and another single from Uncle Joe's. I had a strong flat white on the Axil blend (4 South American beans). The cup was initially just a touch too hot to be comfortable and obscured the flavour but as the cup cooled the beautiful chocolate and caramel tones came through with an impressive strength. The aftertaste of cacao on the tongue was brilliant. I would love to take the time to try the single origins but I've got my caffeine quota for the day! Maybe next time!

Best cafe Big Bad Wolff in australia for 2016

Amazing service, coffee was well made and of great quality, most people will love this place 👏🏼

Called in as nearby and had never been before. Staff were professional yet welcoming. Rich rated his long black as one of the best ones he had ever had. Chocolatey and creamy, he said. My flat white was tasty and not too milky tasting. Rich had a ginger and date biscuit and it was chewy gingery enough while my cornflake cookie took me back to my childhood and Mum's baking. Recommend and they also hold Barista classes.

One of my absolute favourite coffee shops. The coffee is outstanding! Service is amazing too, just a very limited range of food.

Best cafe Black Market Espresso Bar in australia for 2016

Black Market Espresso Bar - Clandestino Coffee Espresso Bar. Passionate about crafting brilliant consistent coffee. Ground fresh and weighed for each and every cup. Providore of locally baked pastries, sliders, & cakes. We're very Pet Friendly (and likely to run out to meet your four legged friends)! We're also WiFi enabled!Coffee: Clandestino Roasters Equipment: La Marzocco Linea PB and 3 Mazzer Grinders

Great coffee and decent service. Unfortunately these guys don't have a kitchen or menu so it's more of a coffee takeaway joint. They have some cold pre made burgers in the fridge. Disappointed as a top cafe in my view would have fresh cafe meals to choose from. Otherwise they should just be "top coffee". Would grab takeaway from here again.

The best single origin Piccolo I've ever had. Smooth rich and a pleasant aftertaste well after the coffee was gone. Awesome sliders for a light lunch. Well done guys.


Flick n Beans

Bowen Hills

Best cafe Flick n Beans in australia for 2016

Really good coffee, with some tasty treats if u feel the need. Always kind service from the team here..

Great cap, nice flavor smooth 😊

Best cafe Ground Up Espresso Bar in australia for 2016

Flawless espresso. Smooth and delicious. Perfectly extracted. Well textured milk. Taste was sensational. Great atmosphere. Fantastic service. Staff were great, super friendly, and order came very quickly. Highly recommended.

Gone are the days that traveling west from Brisbane meant saying goodbye to good caffeine. This great little joint would have nothing to apologize for in Flinders Lane! I’ll be looking for a reason to come back.

Best cafe Sherwood Coffee Bar in australia for 2016

The Urban dictionaries definition of ‘good vibes’ should be The Sherwood Coffee Bar. A neat little hole in the wall, a hidden gem in the coastal town of Newcastle. The staff take pride in their coffee, their service & their environmentally savvy philosophy is a fresh breath to this hustling world. The place to be

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Great coffee, great service, great food and atmosphere! This place is a winner! I've been here several times and it is one of my favourite places in Newcastle to get coffee. Smooth blend. Can be enjoyed as an espresso or with milk. Service here is always so welcoming and friendly. Thanks Sherwood, you guys are amazing!

Best cafe First Fruits Coffee in australia for 2016

Great, lighter roasted coffee. Bought a kg of whole beans for home and loved every shot. I live in Brisbane but will be back! Hard to find but worth looking for if you are on the GC.

Easily best coffee in the suburb and one of the best on the Gold Coast. Quality is consistently high and service is great!

Great service and the coffee was very nice. Couldn't fault them on the food or service. Only a small cafe, and a little hard to find but a hidden gem! Well worth going to.

Best cafe Coffee Anthology in australia for 2016

Great coffee great food great service

So disappointed - great service and amazing coffee on my last visit. Like a whole different experience this morning .

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