Top Cafes of 2016 - Adelaide

We’ve run the numbers! Here are the best cafes of 2016 in Adelaide, voted by real coffee lovers.

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Best cafe Coffylosophy in adelaide for 2016

Manyyyyyy good brews today - even got a smile from the Barrister

Honestly very surprised that this is #1 in Adelaide. It looks and feels a lot more like a lunch bar than a leading specialty coffee venue. No options other than espresso based drinks. Only one single origin (which they were unsure of). They mixed up my drink order. For finding amazing venues outside Australia, beanhunter is still reliable. Unfortunately the same cannot be said inside Australia anymore. Very disappointed.

Best cafe Monday's Coffee Store in adelaide for 2016

Been here a number of times. The blend is very unusual almost too sweet to be a coffee. Staff aren't very interactive more judgemental than anything. Very cool venue and setup. 6.0.

Had a quick flat white there. The coffee was good but I tasted a lack of texture (a bit watery). The service is pretty good and the atmosphere is classic but still nice.

Always a good spot to hit up when in the CBD

Best cafe La crema coffee in adelaide for 2016

The best coffee I found in Adelaide, but you've got to be willing to find it. Hidden in a nook between industrial estate and residential parking is difficult, but here's the reason- their coffee is exceptional!! 6 Single Origin options available all year round (plus their blend) along with a myriad of coffee related goods - if I had found this place earlier and had some more money in my bank I would've spent more time here and left broke. Interestingly the clientele (when I visited) was a considerably older crowd- largely men in their 60s and 70s, yet the coffee is something you'd find in hipster centric Brunswick in Melbourne - only real downside is very limited seating and the tables that are there take up so much room it's difficult to browse the wares on display

Good coffee just difficult to find, service is very industrial

Best cafe The Coffee Barun in adelaide for 2016

Great brew, awesome vibes. Wide ranging coffee options.

Fabulous unique tasting coffee with lovely dark chocolate notes poured to order. Frequent customer card nice touch too. Food looks lovely. Lots of spaces to sit and enjoy.

Coffee is always fresh and clean, service is great and this place is always buzzing

Best cafe coffee by the beans in adelaide for 2016

Certainly above average for Adelaide. Eftpos surcharge us disappointing however




Best cafe CREAM in adelaide for 2016

Amazing!! This is the place!! Like for real quality coffee one of the best in Adelaide and food! Ohh man the food and don't even get me started on how amazing the service it 🙌🏽 The only "bad" thing i could say about this place is it's gets really loud but that's only because it's so flipping busy!!! Love it guys I'll be getting myself another coffee to go!

Splendid coffee, smooth and consistent. Small shop, easy to miss with only a single door for frontage, however the inside is well organised. Popular and busy, mixed with loud music makes it difficult to have private conversations. Service is quick and friendly.

Great coffee and would be good atmosphere for a blasé hip young millenial but I prefer my service old school smile and banter

Best cafe Tell Henry in adelaide for 2016

Small cafe that does consistently good coffee with great service.

Could be the best coffee joint in Adelaide. Great, cool place. Great staff and a good range. Not to mention the brilliant coffee time after time. 9.0.

Funky place, friendly service. Lovely flavour to the coffee and well done flat whites but one was only warm.


Coffee Branch

Adelaide CBD

Best cafe Coffee Branch in adelaide for 2016

Had a double espresso. The coffee does not have the bitter after taste that usually lingers which is awesome. The kitchen is not open yet so they do not do breakfast as of now. However the staff is super friendly and helpful and gave us suggestions for a good breakfast place as we are just visiting Adelaide .Would definitely come back for the coffee :)

Narrow coffee bar, using single origin beans from TWO FISH. Had a short black and long black of their Rwandan, which was juicy, clean, and had some nice blackcurrant and chocolate tones. Coffee was the highlight here

Best cafe A Mother's Milk in adelaide for 2016

absolutely rocking place and definitely worth a breakfast visit... try the sardines. :) coffee is well done. barista knows his stuff.

Great service, French toast was huge and very tasty! Coffee is really good as well, and so is their tea selection.

Best cafe Please Say Please in adelaide for 2016

I love the name, and the service was exceptional. The only thing that was better than their service was their coffee. This is an amazing find, but not great if you're looking for a cafe to linger in. It has one large table with bar-stool type seats.

Popular hole in the wall coffee bar serving Proud Mary coffee.

I came here several weeks ago and wrote a positive review - that still stands to an extent. On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays I love to come by for my morning coffee before work. There's a lady who I assume is the owner and a young girl with glasses who are both sweet and friendly, and make lovely coffee. On Thursdays and Fridays I skip last this shop because of their new hire. Every coffee I have had from her has taken several minutes to make, she's not friendly at all, bordering on rude. My coffee always tastes awful when made by her and previously when I've been in I've heard her make derogatory comments under her breath about customers ordering dairy milk coffees, which I find very unprofessional and off putting, and she also had very poor knowledge of the coffee compared to the other two employees. All in all, I feel that the new hire has been a poor choice and lowers the standard of the shop incredibly, and this was a shop I used to think had the best coffee and best standards in Adelaide. Go early in the week if you want a great coffee and beautiful service, but avoid later in the week unless you want to wait around for an unsatisfactory brew.

Best cafe My Kingdom for a Horse in adelaide for 2016

What a beautiful space, with a colourful interior, and wonderfully friendly staff. Coffee roaster on site, on their trusty Probat. The Ethiopian pour over was bang on.... sweet, fruity, with hints of jasmine

Been wanting to try My Kingdom for a Horse for some time and wasn't disappointed. Lovely space in an area of Adelaide that has a Melbourne feel to it. Had the BIG brekkie fry up and a couple of coffees and wasn't disappointed....great service and vibe will certainly visit again.

Best cafe Fair Espresso in adelaide for 2016

The coffee was just so-so. As a few reviewers have mentioned it was watery without any real flavour profile to speak of. The service was good

Good coffee to grab before heading into the courts. Service is great yet to try the food.

A good find - it’s a pretty bare area for coffee but this is a good place.

Best cafe PURE Boutique Coffee Bar in adelaide for 2016

Fast, smooth, great temp, delicious coffee - great blend selection and eclectic atmosphere. With the beach a stones throw from the door - make the effort and come!