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Reviews of Coffylosophy

1 review · 2 months ago

Great food. Great people. Great coffee. Jason makes great coffee and Harsh the owner is so friendly and provides a great service to customers. Very friendly. Food is phenomenal definitely a must visit.

2 reviews · 2 months ago

We live locally and stumbled upon this place a couple of years ago. Every time we come in here we are treated like family. We love the coffee and will continue to go back here for our coffee fix whenever we can!

5 reviews · 2 months ago

Based on the extremely high rating in Beanhunter I don’t think it was unreasonable to say I drove specifically to this cafe expecting a decent coffee. The guy serving was nice, but on a coffee app we’re not looking for reviews on customer service. The coffee was just not nice. I can’t even explain why or how, but I left majority of latte for the trash. I remember driving away feeling confused as to how a place like this has such a high score. My conclusion is false reviews - family members creating profiles to boost the ratings. Surely that’s the only explanation. Or people who legitimately mustn’t know the difference between a well poured espresso and a cup of instant. I wish it had lived up to the expectation, but I wouldn’t choose to go here again. (This is a review from a visit 6 months ago)

1 review · 4 months ago

I have just relocated to Adelaide and discovered several people waiting outside to collect their coffees. So, as they say 'eat where the locals eat' I joined the short queue and ordered my coffees Long black for me and a flat white for my partner. Harsh was welcoming and chatty despite a small line up. We loved our coffees so much we came back for seconds and thirds, it certainly helped with all the unpacking. We are looking forward to everything going back to normal and trying Coffylosophy’s breakfast menu.

83 reviews · 3 followers · 4 months ago

I wrote a review of Coffylosophy and he wrote what I feel, is a disrespectful and unjust reply to me. I know my coffee and have travelled far and wide to taste amazing coffees throughout Australia. Some agree with me on here giving reviews similar to mine, suggesting this place makes some great coffees and some average coffees. I don't think your reply to my expert review is fair, but wish you well and congratulate you on being Number 1. Go to Blackboard Coffee on the Gold Coast some time and experience amazing coffee and then you will see what I am talking about. Similarly, there are a few in Sydney and Melbourne that are head and shoulders above your coffees. 6/10 is fair as your coffee is nice in the first few sips, but it becomes bitter and unpleasant to the point of throwing it out half way through drinking. I'll happily make the owner a coffee with Five Senses Dark Horse Blend that are better than his. There are better beans that extract better flavours through the head than I got here.

440 reviews · 13 followers · 7 months ago

Four of us visited on a Sunday afternoon and ordered a variety of coffee styles. My piccolo was pretty good although it could have been warmer. Feedback from others were they enjoyed their flat white, latte and magic respectively.

3 reviews · 8 months ago

Nice smooth coffee though I prefer it a little more robust in flavor. Good selection of light meals. Service could be a little friendlier, as the barista comes across as a bit abrupt.

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