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#7 in Geelong
Top Cafe 2013

Edge Geelong Cafe Reviews

Edge Geelong

6-8 Eastern Beach Rd, Victoria 3220, Australia

Closed until 9:00am today

Facebook@EdgeBarGeelongWebsite(03) 52 222666

22 Reviews

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  • 4.8

    37 reviews  ·  1 year ago

    had a very reasonable coffee here yesterday, good presentation, and not too warm. band were good too.

  • 7.8

    25 reviews  ·  1 year ago

    got past the ever familiar (from my bar work days) smell of pub floor cleaner and general drinking-aftermath-detergent to see trendy bar staff and a lot of people soaking up what looked like a great breakfast. coffee- a bit expensive, but really nice! great actually!! grabbed a takeaway where the... Read more

  • 6.8

    18 reviews  ·  1 year ago

    It is good to know that a bar in Geelong can serve quality booze and coffee. Although I had a great experience at Edge I think that the knowledge of their baristas could be improved and coffee temperature could be hotter. Sexy boys in vests never goes astray

  • 8.8

    14 reviews  ·  3 months ago

    The coffee was mild but strong flavour after notes of strawberry and nuts. Food, well presented, inventive & tasty. Service attentive.

  • 7.0

    22 reviews  ·  2 years ago

    Gerra Jimma on the grinder. Nice extraction but grind a bit fine I reckon. Need practice on the latte art but all round not too bad.

  • 9.5

    14 reviews  ·  2 years ago

    Went in there for the normal after work beer and sore they used cartel coffee
    So before my beer I had a latte Omg it nearly tasted just like it was at cartel
    Highly suggest Comming in here for a great coffee ( on the water front)

    1 Latte, 1 Espresso

  • 9.3

    12 reviews  ·  2 years ago

    The recent move to Cartel coffee beans has brought with it a complete change in the caffeine culture at The Edge. I already loved it as a night spot, but am now venturing there for a coffee pick me up in the afternoon (and evening). New baristas, extended training and a renewed passion for the... Read more

    1 Soy Latte, 1 Long Black, 1 Ristretto

  • 9.8

    12 reviews  ·  1 year ago

    Flawless coffees yet again Jacob, thank you for my caffein fixes on Sundays mornings, perfect every time, a true asset to Edge, cheers

    2 Lattes, 2 Ristrettos

  • 3.8

    8 reviews  ·  8 months ago

    Disappointing - my coffee was cold (lukewarm) and hubbie's was too hot with burnt milk taste. Also took ages for coffees to come out, and atmosphere was very much pub-like. Will be looking for other options next time.

  • 9.3

    7 reviews  ·  2 years ago

    Had a pro long black made by sam delicious coffee and gread view.

  • 1.5

    17 reviews  ·  5 months ago

    This place is terrible for coffee. Stick to getting people drunk.

  • 9.0

    8 reviews  ·  1 year ago

    Went there for breakfast while the Sails festival was on.Coffee was amazing.The barista was only a young guy but the coffee was great.We had an espresso and a couple of lattes and both were really good..We were not expecting this type of quality coffee in this touristy location and were... Read more

    2 Lattes, 1 Espresso

  • 10

    5 reviews  ·  1 year ago

    Delicious coffee every time. You wouldn't expect coffee like this from a bar, especially the flawless latte art on every coffee. Thanks again guys, terrific!

  • 9.8

    6 reviews  ·  2 years ago

    Was surprised to see Edge on bean hunter only stumbled upon it accidentally. Was also surprised when I walked into the bar I've been walking into for years to drink up in to find a brand new LaMarzocco Linea with a Cartel sticker. Got chatting to the new barista about single origin coffees and the... Read more

  • 1.5

    5 reviews  ·  6 months ago

    Lousy. Coffee had dishwasher powder sediment in the bottom. When I asked 'what the hell is this?' they replied 'oh yeh that happens sometimes, you want another?' Ummm no thx, never ever.

  • 7.3

    11 reviews  ·  2 years ago

    The single origin coffee was beautifully made, and tasted velvety smooth.

    Excellent coffee - thank you

  • 8.5

    3 reviews  ·  2 years ago

    Love that they use Cartel coffee. Lovely atmosphere and friendly staff. And the coffee is awesome.

  • 5.8

    10 reviews  ·  2 years ago

    Visited a few weeks ago with some friends, the staff were quick to pass us off even though it we were one of the only groups in there, we felt as if we were treated like a number rather then a customer. The food was brilliant, could not fault it, generous portions and tasted amazing, The latte was... Read more

    1 Latte, 2 Espressos, 1 Long Macchiato

  • 9.8

    2 reviews  ·  2 years ago

    Great tasting, classy looking coffee, and a good looking barista- what more could you ask for!?

  • 8.5

    14 reviews  ·  2 years ago

    When I walked in there on a sat night I noticed this place served cartel coffee with a wicked la marzocco so on Sunday I came in and had a beautiful creamy house blend latte with a magnificent espresso good job guys bout time there is great coffee on the waterfront

    2 Skinny Lattes, 1 Espresso

  • 6.3

    22 reviews  ·  2 years ago

    Nice! Bit more grind adjustment needed as the long black poured a bit to quick but well done otherwise.

  • 9.8

    12 reviews  ·  2 years ago

    This place rocks I was served by Jake who is truly an amazing Barista, who shows full passion, great coffee knowledge and a true lover high quality coffee. Tried the Illubabor (Western Ethiopian) Single Origin as a latte, which is best suited with milk it presented a nice clean cup with a sweet... Read more

    1 Latte

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La Marzocco Linea 3 group / 3 Mazzer grinders



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Detailed Information

Name Edge Geelong
Address 6-8 Eastern Beach Rd, Geelong, Australia
Phone (03) 52 222666
Twitter @EdgeBarGeelong
Equipment La Marzocco Linea 3 group / 3 Mazzer grinders
Beans Cartel
Opening Hours
Monday9:00am - 9:00pm
Tuesday9:00am - 9:00pm
Wednesday9:00am - 9:00pm
Thursday9:00am - 9:00pm
Friday9:00am - 9:00pm
Saturday8:00am - 9:00pm
Sunday8:00am - 9:00pm