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#3 in Sunshine Coast
Top Cafe 2013

Clandestino Roasters Cafe Reviews

Clandestino Roasters

59 Rene St,Best coffee shop & cafe Noosaville, Queensland 4566, Australia

Closed until 8:00am today

Website1300 656 022

143 Reviews

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  • 10

    30 reviews  ·  1 month ago

    Everything was perfect. Can't find any faults.
    Everything you need is there. Coffee had great flavour.

    1 Flat White, 1 Cappuccino

  • 8.0

    23 reviews  ·  2 months ago

    Coffee here is exceptionally wonderful. I think the $$$ spent of equipment, props and furniture really sets the bar high and adds to the overall experience.
    My coffee was sweet and full of flavour.
    Thanks Noosa for creating a great place to drink coffee.

    1 Skinny Cappuccino

  • 9.8

    14 reviews  ·  1 month ago

    Still love'n this place and would recommend the drive to anyone.

  • 9.0

    23 reviews  ·  2 months ago

    A perfect coffee so full of rich flavour. Thank goodness for Bean Hunter or else fantastic places like this would never be found amongst the industrial setting.

  • 10

    14 reviews  ·  2 months ago

    Amazing long black on the Bolivia.. perfectly extracted with subtle hints of orange blossom and chocolate!
    Absolutely delicious guys.. The barista really knows what he's doing!

  • 9.8

    7 reviews  ·  2 days ago

    Called in and had a clover coffee a few days ago (Clover needs to be added as a drink option) Ryan made it to perfection even while roasting at the same time. This was the most amazing 3rd Wave Coffee Establishment I've ever seen with different methods all over the place and espresso too if you... Read more

    1 Syphon

  • 9.5

    10 reviews  ·  2 months ago

    This is truly great coffee!! Although, I don't much like their blend. Always go for the single origins. Really well made and very passionate about it!!

  • 10

    3 reviews  ·  2 months ago

    Clandestino Roasters is by far the best cafe i have been to. Perfection and consistency amazes me every time i get the honor of drinking their coffee. Barista's and staff are well trained and know exactly what they do, and are openly welcome of sharing their knowledge to others. With a choice of 4... Read more

  • 10

    1 review  ·  2 weeks ago

    absolutely great service from the Barista Josh, got the Indonesian pour over which was beautifully done with a very delicate flavour, also had a Guatemalan single origin long black as well which was a great bean as well

  • 9.8

    2 reviews  ·  1 month ago

    This is the best coffee I've had on the Sunshine Coast (I've been in the coffee business in the states for 20+ years). Nice people and service, very good food. Pleasant atmosphere. Highly recommended.

    1 Pour Over, 1 Cold Drip, 1 Affogato

  • 10

    2 reviews  ·  2 months ago

    Everything about this place is perfect. Coffee, staff, atmosphere, food.. Can't find a fault. Best place on the coast. Good to see there beans being supplied around the coast! Clandestinos is taking over

  • 9.6

    226 reviews  ·  8 months ago

    Complete consistency. I'm here several times per week and never fail to be impressed. Had an amazing Bolivian piccolo today.

  • 8.3

    172 reviews  ·  1 year ago

    We were so excited to visit Clandestino Roasters yesterday morning that I think we may have been the first customers there. Having not been to the Sunshine Coast for a couple of years, it was great to be able to spend some time discovering the rejuvenated local coffee scene and these guys were at... Read more

  • 9.0

    128 reviews  ·  1 year ago

    This is a great little place for amazing coffee - which is obviously what Clandestino is all about! Each coffee came with tasting notes and there is a lot of information on display describing the various beans available. A must-visit if you're in the area.

    1 Ristretto, 1 Piccolo

  • 8.8

    112 reviews  ·  2 years ago

    The whole Clandestino Experience continues to impress me. My first time here it was the coffee that blew my mind. I've since been back a bunch of times and it's the quality of the staff that really makes the place. The Clandestino brothers, Ryan and the rest of the staff are always super... Read more

    4 Ristrettos, 4 Piccolos, 1 Cold Drip

  • 9.5

    59 reviews  ·  7 months ago

    Had a brilliant Don Antonio flat white this week! Clandestinos seems to get better and better. So grateful it's local.

  • 9.3

    37 reviews  ·  7 months ago

    Great Cuban coffee today, consistency here is fantastic.

  • 9.5

    50 reviews  ·  1 year ago

    One of the best coffee shops I have ever been to. Coffee was PERFECT. Such a cool atmosphere. It's the whole package. Will return for sure. Highly recommend it.

  • 7.0

    59 reviews  ·  1 year ago

    A little out of the way but worth it when you get there. Great coffee even in a take-away cup. Excellent rich oily mouth-feel and good milk. My only gripe: Having to line up twice. Once to order at the machine, the second at the front of the market-place in a huge line packed with people buying... Read more

    2 Flat Whites

  • 9.0

    36 reviews  ·  11 months ago

    Consistently amazing: the Brazil bean I had today was to die for, the service is friendly and efficient and the vibe is wonderful! And there's free functioning wi-fi. Woohoo!

  • 8.8

    73 reviews  ·  8 months ago

    mint as place up in Noosa, not too keen on the food side of things but coffee is off chops

  • 7.0

    38 reviews  ·  2 years ago

    Love the set up and everything they do seems really cool and gets peoples attention but I think because they were a little bit busy my coffee was not one of there best! I am a huge fan of any place that does cold drip and it was beautiful!

    1 Soy Cappuccino, 1 Cold Drip

  • 9.5

    72 reviews  ·  1 year ago

    Always a perfect cup. I was offered a top grade single origin to try, it was divine. So much coffee inspiration. Thanks Cladestino

  • 9.8

    45 reviews  ·  1 year ago

    I don't have much to add - read the other reviews they say it all! Totally amazing.

  • 8.0

    19 reviews  ·  1 year ago

    Not a bad coffee at all. Some great food too.

Brewing Methods

chemex, Clover, Cold Drip, Pourover, Syphon


Giesen Roaster
La Marzocco FB/80


Clandestino Roasters
Magneto Espresso

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Detailed Information

Name Clandestino Roasters
Address 59 Rene St, Noosaville, Sunshine Coast, Australia
Phone 1300 656 022
Brewing Methods chemex, Clover, Cold Drip, Pourover, Syphon
Equipment Clover, Giesen Roaster, La Marzocco FB/80, Mazzer
Beans Clandestino Roasters, Magneto Espresso
Opening Hours
Monday8:00am - 4:00pm
Tuesday8:00am - 4:00pm
Wednesday8:00am - 4:00pm
Thursday8:00am - 4:00pm
Friday8:00am - 4:00pm
Saturday8:00am - 4:00pm