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#3 in Brisbane
Top Cafe 2013

Dandelion & Driftwood Cafe Reviews

Dandelion & Driftwood

Shop 1, 45 Gerler Road,Best coffee shop & cafe Hendra, Queensland 4011, Australia

Open until 4:00pm today

Facebook@tea_coffeeWebsite+61 7 3868 4559

335 Reviews

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  • 9.5

    45 reviews  ·  2 months ago

    Never let us down. Great(:

  • 8.2

    34 reviews  ·  3 days ago

    Great coffee here, I love how they give you a little card with a story about the bean you're about to drink. Have some amazing food options also. Cute and quirky :-)

  • 9.0

    23 reviews  ·  2 months ago

    Our drinks were made with noticeable care and were very presentable. The girls working at the time gave us their full attention. The shop itself was rather cozy and had a rustic aesthetic.

  • 10

    19 reviews  ·  3 weeks ago

    Always great. What's the go with people saying it's always good and then scoring a 1? Are people drinking and beanhuntering again? Stay off the drugs kids. Always a favourite spot for consistently good coffee and the staff are always lovely.

  • 9.3

    16 reviews  ·  1 week ago

    Piccolo on an Ethiopian 'Gelena Abaya' to start; Perfect temp, perfect Milk (expected-these guys just placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the recent Barista champs) but also topped by a flawless Swan!. Quite salty and intense, very different.
    Next up, Costa Rican Double Ristretto FW. Amazing. Nuff said

  • 8.8

    16 reviews  ·  1 month ago

    I lover D&D - hands down my favourite coffee spot in Brisbane. The coffee is always excellent and I love the opportunity to try a variety of blends and single origin coffee's. My pick is the driftwood blend, it has a more intense and full bodied flavour than the dandelion, which is a lot softer and... Read more

    1 Latte, 1 Flat White

  • 9.5

    19 reviews  ·  1 month ago

    Best and full coffee experience in Brisbane.

    1 Doppio

  • 8.3

    12 reviews  ·  1 month ago

    Fantastic coffee. Clearly very skilled baristas. Good simple delicious food. Good service although quite loud inside at times making conversation a tad difficult, but definitely didn't ruin the experience. Looking forward to trying the beans at home.

  • 9.5

    8 reviews  ·  18 hours ago

    Great coffee full of body and aroma. Friendly service but not the fastest. Reasonable price and tasty food.

  • 8.3

    7 reviews  ·  2 weeks ago

    First visit at dandelion and driftwood and was very impressed !! Great coffee and great service !!

  • 9.8

    10 reviews  ·  2 weeks ago

    I know it's almost impossible to add anything of substance to D&D's already incredible reputation, so all I can say is wow. This place is not just a coffee shop , this place sells an experience that transcends any beanhunter score. I will be back without a doubt to indulge in this experience again!

  • 7.5

    5 reviews  ·  2 weeks ago

    Coffees always look beautiful, but never really enjoyed the taste. Feels quite cramped at times but service is always fantastic!

  • 9.3

    4 reviews  ·  2 weeks ago

    Excellent coffee shop. Always in the high.

    1 Flat White

  • 5.3

    8 reviews  ·  2 weeks ago

    Revisited D&D on the weekend after having tried out a few different spots over the past few weeks. As always, very professional staff, but still am yet to jump on the D&D bandwagon! Coffee is enjoyable but I am still yet to be convinced that it lives up to its reputation. The service is definitely... Read more

  • 9.5

    7 reviews  ·  1 month ago

    Love this place, no need to say more. Professional people.

  • 9.5

    2 reviews  ·  2 months ago

    I have been meaning to go to this cafe for a long time. I finally made it and I am really glad I did. Great food, atmosphere and incredible coffee. It's only ten minutes from my house too so I will be back. Next time with my partner and friends...this place is too good not to share!

  • 10

    1 review  ·  2 weeks ago

    Absolutely amazing! Quite surprised to find such a cafe with such expertise in coffee out in the suburbs of Brisbane. With a cute tea house charm, amazing fresh food & charming staff. They didn't even mind that we spent 2 hours nestled in the corner on our laptops. Will defiantly come here again... Read more

  • 9.0

    2 reviews  ·  2 months ago

    The single origin from Colombia was one of my best ever coffee experiences and was beautifully presented as well.

  • 8.6

    1 review  ·  2 months ago

    Breakfasted here for the first time on Sunday with partner. Sitting inside felt a little on the cramped & claustrophobic side.. lots of tables.. decor & ambience didn't lend itself to being chilled or relaxed (personal preference). Staff were great, attentive & friendly. Food was fresh & tasty... Read more

  • 10

    226 reviews  ·  11 months ago

    Have had a great chance to be here a couple of times in the last two weeks and nothing has changed - the coffee is sensational. Had a series of amazing coffees which just remind me that Dandelion and Driftwood really is the benchmark in Brisbane.

    2 Piccolos

  • 8.0

    130 reviews  ·  2 years ago

    Was dropping the rental car off and saw Dandelion on the way past. What are the chances!? I've always wanted to check this place out. Pitty I was in a rush and could only get a take away. Regardless it was a superb, very sweet and smooth, strong latte. Wish I had a ristretto as I'm sure it would... Read more

  • 8.5

    141 reviews  ·  11 months ago

    Flying out on hols decided D &D was perfect stop off for a good coffee before we were at mercy of high priced, average Airport coffee. It has been 9 mths since I did a review and about the 4th visit in between then. Living at New Farm makes it hard to travel for coffee when surrounded by good... Read more

  • 8.8

    83 reviews  ·  7 months ago

    Such a popular little place! Enjoy coming here to get a takeaway coffee when on the drive home from the airport. Always busy busy busy, and can feel quite crammed in such a small space. Having said that, they have managed to fit ALOT in a small area. Many different brew methods on offer, and all... Read more

    1 Flat White

  • 8.8

    76 reviews  ·  3 years ago

    This is a great cafe in Brisbane which is a delight to visit. Peter and Penny and all their staff provide great coffee, particularly to take away, and great insights about various types of coffee, various ways of brewing and drinking coffee. The food has recently increased in variety. Overall a... Read more

  • 8.5

    57 reviews  ·  9 months ago

    Very consistent and delicious coffee!

Brewing Methods


Über Boiler
La Marzocco FB/80
Mazzer Robur-E


Wolff Coffee Roasters

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Detailed Information

Name Dandelion & Driftwood
Address Shop 1, 45 Gerler Road, Hendra, Brisbane, Australia
Phone +61 7 3868 4559
Twitter @tea_coffee
Wifi Available No
Brewing Methods
Equipment Über Boiler, La Marzocco FB/80, Mazzer Robur-E, Syphon, Trifecta
Beans Wolff Coffee Roasters
Opening Hours
Monday8:00am - 4:00pm
Tuesday8:00am - 4:00pm
Wednesday8:00am - 4:00pm
Thursday8:00am - 4:00pm
Friday8:00am - 4:00pm
Saturday8:00am - 4:00pm
Sunday8:00am - 2:00pm